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2012 Lancia Thema

Posted on the 15 June 2012 by Jojobegu
The new Lancia Thema and Traveling are making their debuts. These are the first two designs growing from the partnership between Lancia and Chrysler, which by now have become 1 identification established on the same will to succeed later on and on the personalized in their particular century-old histories: style and advancement.
2012 Lancia Thema Lancia Thema
Therefore, this is a considerable time in the record of two manufacturers that have published some of the most important webpages in worldwide automobile record. This is why a place full of appeal was selected to existing the two vehicles to the worldwide media: Piazza Carignano in Turin, where the massive Palazzo Carignano seems to be. It is the chair of the first French language parliament and icon of the French language marriage blessed 150 years ago. The sport of a new automobile empire embodying the best of two business societies these days is beginning off from the same forehead of French language marriage. The modern style, sparkle for providing a "stress-free experience and performance all associated with the Chrysler product are in addition to the French language flavor, advancement and technical performance and interest to the smallest information that have always recognized Lancia.
Today as always, the same wish to provide a real substitute in the particular areas is at the center of the two new designs. With a history of principles in its DNA, Lancia seems to be preferred over other manufacturers for its capability to understand this new world of exclusiveness and in order to fulfill the needs of a client more aware of technical innovation, who requirements not only a considerable product, but also a exclusive and exclusive style. Besides, whoever selects a Lancia automobile begins a new pattern because he follows only his own character. The new Thema and Traveling, claims of a tangible value Lancia is presenting to the industry for the first time, have been designed for this client. This value is not intended as advancement into itself, but as technical innovation "at the service" of car owner and travelers, provided at an available price and above all totally exempt from unwanted and what is unnecessary.
2012 Lancia Thema Lancia Thema
This is how Lancia is successful back the pitch of exclusivity that has always belonged to it. This statement is supported by a century-old record peppered with advancement and information. One of the greatest varies on the worldwide landscape appears evidence to it. It begins with section B (new Ypsilon), carries on with the mid-sized section (new Delta and Musa), and is accomplished with the leading (new Thema), the Huge MPVs (new Voyager) and, soon to come, the attractive section D convertibles (new Flavia Cabrio).
The new Lancia Thema and Traveling are therefore the first tangible example of how it is possible to be a part of two planets so geographically remote control yet so near in their substance. This ideal alchemy professionally includes the United states external appearance ornamented with decorations clearly noticeable by French language taste; highly effective applications according to the best United states custom "abated" by Western eco-friendly efficiency; generally United states large proportions along with French language skills in lightweight cars; "stars and stripes" relaxation and adaptability improved by remarkable Western managing. In short, Granturismo profits on the streets of the world. It is a phrase that indicates visiting at the rim of a highly effective, relaxed, stylish, and never overstated car. Like a Lancia. A design that does not like to demonstrate off, but wants interest. Aspects developed to succeed in efficiency, protection and generating satisfaction. A cutting-edge technological innovation that does not exhibit, but that gives the highest possible of on-board wellness to make sure the best visiting possible.
2012 Lancia Thema Lancia Thema
And so the new Lancia Thema, the first international leading that delivers together the best of two planets by mixing the skills and efficiency unique of the Chrysler product with the high-class of Poltrona Frau® set decorations, the cocooning quiet of the big Lancias and the interest to details that display the best of French language design.
Five meters lengthy, 1.5 meters high, 1.9 meters wide and with a wheelbase of 3 meters, the Lancia Thema was developed based on the new Chrysler 300, in turn created on the Chrysler Team LX back rim generate foundation, and like its forerunner twenty six years ago, it is ready to take on the hardest and most famous section, determined to offer a authentic alternative. To accomplish this purpose, in addition to a style full of a powerful personality, the new car provides a traveler pocket that is a true best-in-class living room area with regards to level of silent, ornamented with quality components that make it warm and unique, far from the cold and logical components of other vehicles of its section.
2012 Lancia Thema Lancia Thema
Corresponding to beauty of personality is the biggest success of features ever provided in the protection area. In fact, there are more than 70 systems set up on the new Lancia leading, such as the Flexible Rate Control (ACC) that adapts the interest rate and instantly braking system to maintain the protection range and the "Blind Identify Detection" that alerts access of a vehicle into the impaired spot.
Contributing to making the Lancia Thema the new model of the section are also the sun ceiling, the biggest in its market section, and the U-Connect system with 8.4" touchscreen display screen, the biggest of its classification. Created to supply energy and performance in city traffic and during lengthy trips, the Lancia leading provides two different 6-cylinder website variations, both with automated gear box and rear-wheel drive: the highly effective Pentastar V6 3.6 liter fuel website providing 286 HP, along with a modern 8-speed ZF automated gear box, and a newest creation V6 3.0 liter turbocompresseur diesel fuel website in two energy levels (190 HP and 239 HP).
So if the Lancia Thema represents a new section in the well known record of the huge Lancia bars, the new Traveling is the progress of a Chrysler innovation blessed twenty six years ago that drastically modified generating terminology by including a new term and developing a new world: MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle).
2012 Lancia Thema Lancia Thema
Since then 27 years have passed, more than 13 thousand systems have been marketed in 120 nations all over the globe and a large number of encounters, alternatives and thoughts have been gathered that lie behind the well known skills of Chrysler in this market section. These days, thanks to the partnership between the two manufacturers, the United states style "meets" French terminology style to combination into a new automobile type that combines Chrysler's skills for visiting with Lancia's for generating satisfaction, on-board wellness, silent in the traveler pocket and French terminology design. The result is the best Traveling ever, a top-of-the-range MPV that takes up the baton from the Lancia Phedra to create another page in the record of this classification.
The standard in the section of huge MPVs, the new Traveling functions nice proportions. It is 5.21 meters long, 1.99 m wide, 1.75 m high and has a wheelbase of roughly 3.1 meters. - These functions are equalled by a traveler pocket that is the biggest and most flexible in its category. It can perfectly provide up to 7 people and, thanks to the Store 'n Go® system trademarked by Chrysler, liberates up all the space required for back travelers and their baggage, without having to eliminate any carseats.
With these information the Lancia Traveling contributes the techniques of French language welcome. It is in fact a car that embraces its visitors with good flavor, comfort and kindness. Evidence of that is discovered both in the excellent stage of silent obtained and in the valuable Nappa decorations, from the stylish Nappa set furniture to the craftsmanship stage of care discovered in the tiniest details. Furthermore, the special revocation program guarantees excellent visiting comfort along with a highly effective behavior always ready and precise.
2012 Lancia Thema Lancia Thema
The new Traveling features an stylish, convivial and safety environment in which you always feel like at home. This feeling is also verified by the innovative enjoyment program for the back travelers that, thanks to two 9" LCD displays with handheld distant control and wifi earphones, can enjoy a movie, pay attention to a music CD or have fun with their preferred video games.
Lancia Traveling is the new MPV that changes the idea of a simple "means of transport" into a rich travel encounter. That is because a "great trip" is not just making and coming, but is instead a ongoing sequence of feelings. Just to further boost your visiting encounter, the new Lancia MPV offers the energetic 163 HP Diesel fuel 2.8L and the highly effective 283 HP 3.6 liter applications.
Quality: new requirements and French language class
Elegance, relaxation and quality: the new Lancia Thema includes segment-leading requirements with the unique relaxation and category that have always set Lancia vehicles apart.
With the new major, the product is decoding the concept of the excellent saloon of reputation according to its chromosomes. Chromosomes that come from the generally French language workmanship that professionally uses famous components not only according to their looks, but also on the neurological side effects they are able to provide. And that's not all. The new Thema features a top-level development excellent thanks to the use of the most up-to-date business systems.
Performance: energy and efficiency
Designed to supply energy and efficiency in city traffic and during long trips, the new Lancia Thema provides two different 6-cylinder website variations, all with automated gearbox and rear-wheel drive. The Pentastar V6 3.6 liter fuel website provides 286 HP, and has an 8-speed automated gearbox. The V6 3.0 liter Multijet II diesel fuel website is available in two energy levels: 190 HP and 239 HP, both with 5-speed automated gearbox.
Technology: connection and entertainment
Thanks to the modern Uconnect® Contact - the infotainment program with the greatest touchscreen display screen of its category - the new Lancia Thema has latest generation infotainment features that include information quickly, media enjoyment, convenient mobile phones, speech orders and unique configurations to make every voyage safe and fun, regardless of the getaway.
New Uconnect Contact 8.4 and 8.4N program and the greatest touch-screen of the class
Researched to enhance the driving experience and completely incorporated in the design of the new Lancia Thema, the modern Uconnect Contact 8.4 contains an 8.4" QVGA touchscreen display screen, Uconnect program with speech orders and Bluetooth®, SD card audience (compatible with music information in MP3/WMA format), USB slot with iPod® control, DVD, single DVD player with unique reading of the MP3/WMA types, automated double location heating and cooling orders and AM/FM stations.
Conventional on the entire range, the program is complete with an 8.4-inch touchscreen display screen where all of the information necessary for driving and comfort on board is clearly and instantly shown. And again with highest possible safety and convenience of use in mind, both sound and connection manages on the spokes of the rim and a modern voice-activated hands-free system are available. In details, this latter function - called Uconnect Speech Control with Bluetooth® - allows the car owner handle a Wireless appropriate cellphone while keeping his arms on the rim and without taking his sight off the road. The phone directory is instantly downloadable and up to 1,000 items are parallel the first time the Bluetooth® cell cellphone is linked. Afterwards, they can be chosen by simply saying the corresponding name. Using voice orders, the car owner can also choose one of the available radio stations ways and beat AM/FM programs in a totally natural way and with highest independence of activity.
2012 Lancia Thema Lancia Thema
Completing the features of the Uconnect Contact 8.4 program is the useful USB slot with iPod® management. Situated under the armrest of the main system, this media feedback allows the car owner management an iPod or another cell cellphone side-line system using the Uconnect Contact program and the sound manages on the rim. The USB slot also creates it possible to renew any USB-supplied system moreover to playing and verifying sound tracks in MP3 and WMA structure stored on a USB pen drive.
The Uconnect Contact 8.4N is provided as standard on the Jewelry and Professional, on ask for on the Silver decrease levels. Added to the features described above is the Garmin® routing program with more than six thousand neat places to see. The big 8.4" touchscreen display screen provides car owner and travelers with specific guidelines and simple visible alerts while the vehicle is visiting, moreover to an comprehensive data source of neat places to see that allows to find dining places, shops, medical centers and other locations in the area.

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