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2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR

Posted on the 29 April 2012 by Jojobegu
With its move racing-inspired design, digital car owner helps and effective turbocharged power, the Mitsubishi Lancer Progress is one of the most capable high-performance sports cars in the market. But the lusty benefit this immediately familiar 4-door is not restricted just to the Northern United states market; the "Evo" has a significant fan following throughout the world.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MRMitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
Two editions of the Mitsubishi Lancer Progress will be provided in the U.S. industry for this year's style year: the GSR style that functions a short-throw 5-speed stick switch along with a lot of conventional functions as well as several modern digital car owner helps such as the modern Extremely All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) full-time all-wheel generate program and an even better outfitted MR version that contains Mitsubishi's amazing 6-speed Double Clutch system Sportronic-Shift Indication (TC-SST).
Mitsubishi's FUSE Hands-free Weblink System
This modern technological innovation gives customers the capability to access their Bluetooth-enabled mobile cellphone, iPod or USB generate with the audio of their speech. By using simple speech orders, customers can make hands-free calling and play their popular by specialist, category, record or playlist. What's more, the Gracenote® software that acknowledges the brands of musical technological innovation performers and their music can be modified for no cost so that as customers add more and more new music, the FUSE program will identify these new speech orders.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
Real-Time Visitors (RTT)
A very practical and useful real-time traffic (RTT) operate has been included to the available 40GB HDD routing program.
Retuned Exhaust
The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution's fatigue system has been updated for an even more sporty-sounding fatigue observe.
Sporty-looking Back Spoilers
All Mitsubishi Lancer Progress GSR designs now involve a large rear spoiler at no additional cost to the individual, with the MR edition getting a fashionable low-key rear lip spoiler.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
USB additional input
Every Mitsubishi Lancer Progress functions a practical USB slot that is easily utilized in the storage space bin between the two front side chairs.
Aggressive Rushing Car-Inspired Styling
Automotive fanatics - especially lovers of motor racing - have lengthy valued the unique and competitive body collections that have been a signature typical throughout the years for the Mitsubishi Lancer Progress activities automobile. The present 10th-generation car constantly bring this pattern but does so with a style cosmetic that is probably the most enhanced presentation of this renowned high-performance activities sedan's lengthy and varied wearing record.
Inspired by the air consumption on jet martial artists, the high and large spaces of the vehicle's front side structures not only offer the Mitsubishi Lancer Progress an magnificent experience but also circulation large amounts of air into the website section to provide valuable chilling to the rad and intercooler, assisting to increase power development. Air vents on top of the light and portable metal cover and on the sheetmetal aft of the top side tires are as efficient as they are fashionable as they help to leave hot air from within the website section.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
Protruding bumpers at all four sides, a relatively high beltline that runs a little bit down towards the top side of the automobile and the vehicle's short rear outdoor patio lid all incorporate to give the Mitsubishi Lancer Progress a position that is both muscle and attractive-looking.
A high footwear lid-mounted rear spoiler (GSR model) or a low-profile rear lip spoiler (MR model) circular out this year's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution's interesting competition car-inspired external style.
Exciting Turbocharged/Intercooled 2.0-Liter Engine
The well-engineered 4B11 T/C website is at the center of every Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution's fast-paced athleticism - it can get the beat rushing of even the most seasoned vehicle fanatic with its ultra-quick speed and lots of immediate energy on tap at apparently any factor of the tachometer's rev variety.
Though only 2.0-liters (1,997 cc) in displacement, this fulfilling DOHC 16-valve inline-4 website includes an all-aluminum website prevent and cyndrical tube go (for high-strength and lighting weight) and a carried and center stroke that both evaluate exactly 86.0 mm (3.4 in.), making it a "square" style as its bore-stroke rate is 1.0. Power scores for this website are 291 power at 6,500 rpm with a complete 300 lb.-ft. of twisting created at a much reduced 4,000 rpm. Mitsubishi Modern Device time Digital Management program (MIVEC) performs on both the consumption and fatigue camshafts for enhanced energy development and cleanser fatigue pollutants. This turbocharged/intercooled engine's pressure rate is 9.0:1.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
Short-Throw 5-speed Guide or Rapid-Fire 6-speed Double Clutch program Sportronic-Shift Transmission
As conventional devices on this year's Mitsubishi Lancer Progress GSR, the 5-speed manual gear box is a driving pleasure.
Its switch handle navigates through the gateways with gun bolt-like accurate with each brief, fulfilling toss. The car owner will also find that the lighting and portable clutch your pedal performs in the same way. The efficiency of both the shifter and the clutch your pedal compensate the owner with a higher level of technical experience - accurately what one wants from a high-performance activities car.
But while the sleek function and responsive feel of the stick switch found in the GSR style offers fulfilling efficiency, the hard-core driving fanatic will surely opt for the high-tech indication included in every Mitsubishi Lancer Progress MR style.
Mitsubishi's innovative Double Clutch system Sportronic Shift Transmission (TC-SST) is nothing short of an technological innovation amazing.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR 
The TC-SST allows the car owner to perform changes in a portion of time that they could be conducted with a standard stick switch. The program also allows the car owner to make these changes via the console-mounted switch handle or even more quickly by mineral magnesium rim exercise shifters. What's more, this close-ratio 6-speed Twin-Clutch Sportronic Shift Transmission can work in a fully computerized function, just like the common computerized gearbox. In either guide or computerized function, each up or down switch occurs instantly with no obvious lag time, with the website management program "blipping" the reduce with every downshift, related the website and indication rates of speed completely.
Supercar Performance from Extremely All-Wheel Management (S-AWC)
Mitsubishi's Lancer Progress has always been known for its remarkable managing expertise. But the innovative electronic car owner helps on the current technology vehicle - especially the organization's fantastic Extremely All-Wheel Management (S-AWC) program - have taken the Evolution's road holding ability to move to an amazingly active.
Extremely All-Wheel Management (S-AWC) is not one specific device but a network of technologically-advanced dynamic techniques that constantly communicate with each other to provide optimized tractability. These include Dynamic Balance Management (ASC), an Dynamic Heart Differential (ACD), an Dynamic Yaw Management (AYC) back differential, and Game ABS braking system. Working in concert, Extremely All-Wheel Management (S-AWC) modulates twisting delivery to each rim in real-time for maximum control.
The Dynamic Balance Management (ASC) includes the car grip control and stability control techniques and allows to manage stopping mechanism energy and website energy submission at each personal rim.
The Dynamic Heart Differential (ACD) uses an electronically-controlled gas multi-plate clutch to split website twisting (up to 50:50) between the top side and back wheels. This redirecting of website energy between the top side and back of the vehicle is determined by data gathered from a variety of receptors including personal rim speeds, reduce opening, rim angle, and the car lateral and longitudinal positioning.
Acting likewise to a conventional limited-slip differential, the Dynamic Yaw Management (AYC) back differential utilizes a planetary gear differential, yaw amount indicator and stopping mechanism energy control via the Dynamic Balance Management (ASC) program to manage back rim twisting for improved grip and stability in slick road conditions and high-speed cornering.
And thanks to innovative stopping mechanism pressure and yaw amount receptors, the Game Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) allows the driver to maintain better guiding control on slick surfaces or under very heavy stopping.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
Innovative Protection Technologies
The 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Progress features numerous innovative safety technological innovation to help secure all of the car residents.
Every Progress is gifted with Mitsubishi's next-generation Strengthened Effect Protection Progress (RISE) unibody platform that, in the event of part or back mishaps, allows to go away energy away from the car residents to improve protection from injury; the RISE program also allows to secure the fuel program from back has an effect on.
Seven air bags are also included: Innovative dual front side air bag supplemental discipline program (SRS) with tenant receptors, front side seat-mounted side-impact air bags, part layer air bags and a driver's part joint air bag. A Fatigue Pressure Tracking System (TPMS) and anti-lock braking mechanism (advanced Sport ABS provided on the Lancer Evolution) with Electronic Brake-force Submission (EBD) are also provided.

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