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2011 BMW i8 Concept

Posted on the 18 May 2012 by Jojobegu
The BMW i8 Idea and the amazing approach that supports it personify the perspective of a maintainable modern activities car taken to life. Its modern plug-in multiple concept includes the customized electric operated produce system from the BMW i3 Idea - fixed over its front side axle - with a high-performance three-cylinder burning website generating 164 kW (220 hp)/300 Nm (221 lb-ft) at the back. The engine unit in the BMW i8 Idea is a full-capability unit which can also power the car on its own, if necessary. However, working in conjunction allows the two produce systems to display their particular abilities to the complete, providing the performance of a activities car but the fuel intake of a small car.
2011 BMW i8 ConceptBMW i8 Concept 
Acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under five seconds along with fuel intake in the Western pattern of under three ltrs per 100 kilometer (approx. 94 mpg imp) and average customer fuel intake of between five and seven ltrs per 100 kilometer (40.4 - 56.5 mpg imp) - even when motivated hard - are results currently beyond the ability of any vehicle operated by a burning website of similar performance. Thanks to its huge lithium-ion battery power, which can be energized from a home power, the BMW i8 Idea can travel up to 35 kilometer (approx. 20 miles) on power alone. The great majority of short daily trips can therefore be accomplished with zero pollutants. The vehicle's electric-only function allows it to get into emissions-capped central areas of places with access limitations in place for fuel or diesel-powered automobiles. The i8 Concept's performance score is further improved by its ability to produce power at both axles. The engine unit at the top side axle recoups highest possible power every time the car owner braking system, while a high-voltage alternator installed to the burning website costs battery power, if necessary. Added to which, the 2+2-seater offers enough space for four people, giving it a active of daily functionality.
The psychological design of the BMW i8 Idea guarantees its features are clear for all to see. Its powerful ratios give the BMW i8 Idea the overall look of rising forward before it even changes a rim and offer visible form to its outstanding efficiency. The innovative concept behind the upward-swivelling gates set to the A-pillars underlines the car wearing ability and reveals up access to the top side and back chairs at the same time.
A sequence of air basins allow the air to circulation through and around the automobile to the best possible effect, guaranteeing incredibly low move. They also add visible focus to these innovative the rules of aerodynamics. Circulation performs an essential role behind the automobile as well. Consumption behind the traveler cell and at the back provide a chilling circulation of air through the website section, while shops in the back diffuser / extractor and the circulation of air around the back tires ensure the car is incredibly efficient in terms of raise and downforce at both axles.
2011 BMW i8 Concept BMW i8 Concept
The LifeDrive structure of the BMW i8 Idea has been carefully tailored to boost the car sports car personality, and therefore to provide a very good deal efficiency and excellent driving characteristics. The engine in the top side axle component and burning website at the back are linked by an "energy tunnel", which homes the high-voltage battery. This gives the car a low hub of severity - and the powerful benefits that come with it. The ranking of the engine unit and website over their particular axles and the space-saving and well-balanced overall look of all elements result in an the best possible 50/50 weight submission.
The bodyweight of every element in the BMW i8 Idea has been reduced down to the very last details, enabling the excess bodyweight of the electrical powered generate program and power supply to be terminated out. The BMW i8 Idea therefore provides the ideal atmosphere in which to taste this very special generate concept on the road. The travelers sit - in common activities car style - in an extremely low and encased place in the CFRP-constructed Life element (mounted above the Drive module).
2011 BMW i8 Concept BMW i8 Concept
The wearing personality of the BMW i8 Idea carries on into the internal. Offering a driver-focused atmosphere unrivaled by any BMW Group vehicle before it, the BMW i8 Idea immerses the car owner fully in the unique generating encounter. The purpose-built driving place is designed directly towards the person at the rim and gives the best possible access to all details and manages. The three-dimensional shows are magnificent and display up the appropriate details for the generating situation at hand. The internal as a whole is determined by the efficiency of a traditional BMW activities car and degrees on lightness and ease of use. The BMW i8 Idea is the activities car for a new technology - genuine, psychological and maintainable.
The LifeDrive architecture
The BMW i8 Idea recognizes the LifeDrive structure concept tailored to suit the car activities car personality - i.e. set up to provide major efficiency and distinct characteristics. This presentation of the LifeDrive concept takes its hints from the modern multiple idea of the BMW i8 Idea, which hyperlinks up a powered generate program at the front axle with a burning engine over the back tires to lay on an remarkable generating encounter.
In a leaving from the simply horizontally settings preferred for the BMW i3 Idea, the LifeDrive structure of its BMW i8 Idea brother also features straight adding in the top side axle component, traveler mobile and back axle component. The generate systems running the BMW i8 Idea are incorporated into the top side and back axle segments, with the CFRP Lifestyle component providing the link between the two. As a plug-in multiple, the BMW i8 Idea is not developed simply for all-electric space, and therefore provides less power supply cells than the BMW i3 Idea. These are saved in the Lifestyle component inside an power tube, a structure similar to a central indication tube. The front side and back axle segments therefore incorporate with the traveler mobile and power supply to form a efficient unit, which switches into not only load-bearing obligations but also comprehensive accident functions. The location of the high-voltage power supply in the power tube gives the automobile a low hub of severity, and this increases its characteristics. Together with the ranking of the website and website over the axles, the result is the best possible 50/50 weight submission. Brilliant light and portable design and the modern use of materials produce incredibly low unsprung and spinning public, which is best part about it for the vehicle's driving characteristics, speed, range and gas mileage. All in all, the BMW i8 Idea offers the perfect environment in which to experience the special generate concept and unique activities car personality of the BMW i8 Idea on the road.
2011 BMW i8 ConceptBMW i8 Concept
The BMW i8 Concept's axles are developed to deliver the best possible managing qualities, in keeping with the vehicle's wearing information. The multi-link front side axle provides the perfect geometrical foundation for an incredibly flat and sleekly efficient outline. The front side axle construction is also developed clearly to handle the double requirements of the guiding and generate system. It reduces any generate makes which may otherwise affect the guiding, guaranteeing the best possible managing in every situation.
In the CFRP Lifestyle component travelers sit low down and encased - in traditional activities car style - between the website and website. Between them operates the power tube that intersects the interior. Swivelling doors set to the A-pillars provide large spaces that allow access to both front side and back chairs. Four chairs make the BMW i8 Idea a practical everyday automobile that brings together the full array of positive BMW features.
Best of both worlds
Whereas the BMW i3 Idea always pushes on energy, the i8 Idea includes the advantages of two different generate systems - an engine unit and an car website. As a plug-in multiple it offers the best of both planets, mixing highest possible efficiency with highest possible efficiency. A 0-100 km/h (62 mph) speed time of under five a few moments, along with petrol intake in the Western test pattern of less than 3 litres/100 km (approx. 94 mpg imp) and average real petrol intake of between five and seven ltrs (40 - 56 mpg imp) even with a fast driving style are results unique by any traditional inner combustion-engined automobile in this energy class. Based on asking for routines and the characteristics of the path, it is even possible to improve on these results. The key is the brilliant settings of the two generate systems. In the BMW i8 Idea, the engine unit is not another automobiles but an equivalent associate of the car website. In this way the BMW i8 Idea defines a new, ideal balance between the two generate systems which results in an maximum mixture of efficiency and anticipating the waves.
The engine unit has been implemented from the BMW i3 Idea and customized for use in the BMW i8 Concept's multiple energy practice. It pushes the front axle, while a 164 kW/220 hp turbocharged three-cylinder petrol website creating up to 300 Nm (221 lb-ft) of twisting pushes the back axle. Together, the two generate systems take the automobile to a controlled top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). Like the engine unit, the 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol website was developed entirely in-house by the BMW Team and symbolizes the newest state of the art in traditional website design. The coupling of these two generate systems in the BMW i8 Idea shows the excellent skills of the BMW Team in the development of both applications and energy applications.
The energy supplied by the application-designed battery power system installed between the top side and back axle segments to the engine unit at the top side axle gives the BMW i8 Idea an all-electric driving variety of approximately 35 kilometer (20 miles). Battery power can be fully energized in two hours at a standard electrical energy. The engine unit of the BMW i3 Idea has been specially customized for use in the plug-in multiple energy train of the BMW i8 Idea, i.e. for operation with a smaller energy supply and along with an car website.
A emphasize of the BMW i8 Idea is the high-voltage generator attached to the car website, via which the car website can generate energy for charging the battery power. This option is only used to increase the variety of the vehicle while out on the road, and is not intended instead for stationery charging at an electrical energy.
2011 BMW i8 Concept BMW i8 Concept
BMW i8 Concept: placing the powerful into aerodynamics
The effective the rules of aerodynamics of the BMW i8 Idea can be seen in a coordinator of different information. Several areas of the vehicle's body offer as air assistance components. Filter spaces around the top side attire information the inflowing air into two AirCurtains. These encased tubes route the air along the inside of the top side attire to the rim archways, where it is removed at high-speed through an extremely narrow store, cleaning past the controls sidewalls as it goes. The out-rushing jet of air dangles like a layer over the edges of the top side tires and reduces disturbance in this area. Included to which, the vehicle's underbody is completely encased and has a sleek exterior to balanced out the under-car disturbance that would otherwise force up petrol intake. Meanwhile, the characteristic "stream flow" on the edges of the car best areas its optimized air circulation and air channelling ability. Going further back, the components above the end lighting and the large air shops underline the decrease in move obtained over the vehicle as a whole
Purpose-built interior
The translucent materials in the gates and top give the external and design of the BMW i8 Idea the overall look of consolidating into one another. The obvious types of the internal provide an eye-catching comparison to the dynamically streaming external and offer the cottage a special lightness and powerful sparkle. Large concept and actual framework of the BMW i8 Idea internal carefully simulate those of the BMW i3 Idea. Here again, the Pottery White support framework, black specialized stage and relaxation area with Mocha Darkish set are divided into three different levels. Flow Red variations on the hub gaming system, device area and chairs offer stylistic concept to the performance and maintainable personality of BMW i in the internal. Normally tan set and warm colors underline the lighting, high-quality and sustainability-focused aspect inside the BMW i8 Idea. A lighting sensed with three-dimensional meshing provides the carpeting and emphasises the powerful style of the internal as a whole.
2011 BMW i8 Concept BMW i8 Concept
The design of the air air vents, control sections and shows also betrays the vehicle's family connections to its BMW i3 Idea brother. Overall, however, these features have a more wearing personality and are designed much more clearly towards the car owner. Indeed, a stage of car owner concentrate beyond that of any BMW Team vehicle before it allows the BMW i8 Idea to involve the car owner fully in the unique encounter behind the rim. The purpose-built driving place places the car owner directly at the hub of the action and gives him comfortable access to all details and manages. The three-dimensional shows are extremely obvious and display up the appropriate details for the generating situation at hand. At the same time, residents in the BMW i8 Idea sit in a highly incorporated place low down in the car and are divided by power supply running lengthways through the internal. This longitudinal bisection of the cottage underlines the wearing and forward-looking personality of the BMW i8 Idea internal. Like a street map above the passengers' leads, the natural, longitudinal framework of the translucent top shows the motivation for the car and its key concentrate on providing a powerful generating encounter.
Adding in the interior
The driver-focused style can also be seen plainly in the unique layering of the internal. Materials, stages and connects type efficient areas and level them out from one another. For example, the interaction of various stages gives the generating place a very three-dimensional style and clearly places it apart from the top side traveler place. In a clear act towards the person behind the rim, the collections around the car owner all meet into the binnacle to type an incredibly targeted generating place. Driving features such as the gearshift handle, start/stop option and vehicle braking mechanism are organized around the car owner on the hub gaming system and are also incredibly driver-oriented graphically.
The generating place also rules a second level in easy arrive at of both car owner and front side traveler. This is where they will find the iDrive Operator with touch-control exterior and the heating and cooling device. The main information screen, meanwhile, is located above the device section. The free standing style of it gives it a particularly complex and high-quality experience. The device section combines the manages for the sound and heating and cooling system almost effortlessly into the nearby exterior. They are lighted with LEDs, providing them a very genuine touch-control look. However, their button-based style allows them to provide reviews through the convenience, emphasizing the wearing personality of the BMW i8 Idea.
Here again, the layering concept joins performance and fashionably smart style to modern impact. Components such as the main air air vents not only have the process of improving relaxation, they also type part of the seat structure. At the same time, the use of layering also gives visible type to the most crucial of light and portable style in the internal and, together with the nice amount of revealed as well as in the Life component, emphasises the vehicle's low weight. The back chairs are set well to the earth, but at first view they appear to be sailing, providing this place of the car a light and modern experience.
2011 BMW i8 Concept BMW i8 Concept
   Length: 4632 mm   Height: 1280 mm   Width: 1955 mm   Wheelbase: 2800 mm   No. of seats: 2 + (2)   Kerb weight: 1480 kg   Output   Combined: 260 kW (550 Nm)   Petrol engine: 164 kW (300 Nm)   Power motor: 96 kW (250 Nm)   Top speed: 250 km/h (155 mph) [limited]   Acceleration   0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 4.6 s   80-120 km/h (50-75 mph): 4.0 s   Petrol intake (EU cycle): 2.7 l/100 km (104 mpg imp)   CO2: 66 g   Power range: approximately. 35 km (20 miles)   Power supply cost time   Standard: 1:45 h for 100% charge   Baggage compartment: approximately. 150 litres

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