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2011 Alfa Romeo C4 Concept

Posted on the 21 April 2012 by Jojobegu
Alfa Romeo 4C Idea made its introduction at the 81st Geneva Worldwide Motor Show. This lightweight "supercar" which symbolizes the true substance of a activities car, according to the brand's values: efficiency, French language style and specialized quality targeted at highest possible generating satisfaction in total safety.
2011 Alfa Romeo C4 Concept  Alfa Romeo C4 Concept
The new idea provides the traditional system of the two-seater, rear-wheel generate coupé with its website at the hub, a length of roughly 4 meters and a wheelbase of less than 2.4 metres: measurements which offer both to highlight the lightweight of the car and to emphasize its speed. Recognized by its elegant and clean exterior lines, the same concepts are also used to the inside, with the Concept's specific on-board design keeping features and gadgets which immediately indicate the vehicle's wearing heart.
On the Alfa Romeo 4C Idea components and technological innovation resulting from the 8C Competizione find a home - as well as, aluminum, rear-wheel generate - and technological innovation resulting from Alfa Romeo designs currently on sale: the 1750 turbocompresseur fuel website with immediate shot, the "Alfa TCT" double dry clutch i465 black indication and the Alfa DNA powerful control selector.
2011 Alfa Romeo C4 Concept Alfa Romeo C4 Concept
Quite simply, this vehicle shouts Alfa. Its activities car heart makes a unique generating feeling, both on the street and when rushing, where its swiftness and transversus speed become even more strenuous.
Blessed from the encounter obtained through the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and 8C Examine designs, the new idea car stocks its rear-wheel generate with the unique supercars as well as its viewpoint based on reaching highest possible generating satisfaction and the familiar Alfa Romeo street managing. This is an purpose which the 8C Competizione and the 8C Examine engage in mainly through their improved energy, while the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept follows the path of restricted bodyweight, made possible by comprehensive use of as well as, which also performs a architectural part and assures remarkable speed with a weight/power rate which is reduced than 4 kg/HP. The case can handle a body designed absolutely from as well as, within which there is area for the car owner and traveler, while the back shape framework and the accident bins use aluminum substantially. The outcome is a considerable decrease in bodyweight, restricted to less than 850 kg, as well as the optimization of the car hub of severity, which gives the benefits of improved speed and drivability on the most complicated streets.
2011 Alfa Romeo C4 Concept Alfa Romeo C4 Concept
The name "4C Concept" is effective of the activities generating satisfaction which only the amazing "4 cylinder" 1750 Turbocompresseur Fuel website which provides over 200 HP can carry. Already presented on a number of designs in development, for example the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Ecologico, the website features cutting-edge specialized alternatives such as immediate shot, combined ongoing diverse device time, turbo charger and the brand new scavenging management system which reduces turbo lag.
Situated centrally in the back of the automobile, the website in the Alfa Romeo 4C Idea guarantees efficiency which suits or surpasses that of a 3 liter website while still providing the average petrol intake which is common of a lightweight, 4 cyndrical tube website. In addition to the new automated "Alfa TCT" double dry clutch i465 black indication, released only a few several weeks ago on the MiTo and which will soon be available on the Giulietta, the highly effective 1750 Turbocompresseur petrol website allows the Alfa Romeo 4C Idea to arrive at a top rate of over 250 km/h and to improve from 0 to 100km in under 5 a few moments. The automobile combines its Alfa DNA technological innovation completely, a real viewpoint which delivers together all of the on-board technological innovation, making it pleasant and customisable for the car owner and further emphasizing the "competitive" characteristics of the Idea in comparison to other automobiles currently available.
2011 Alfa Romeo C4 Concept Alfa Romeo C4 Concept
The Alfa Romeo 4C Idea has an incredibly innovative revocation structure (high quadrilateral at the top side, MacPherson at the rear) to make sure highest possible rate and street managing. This remedy, along with the rear-wheel generate and the outstanding weight/power rate, guarantees Alfa Romeo generating satisfaction, improved even further by the bodyweight submission (40% on the top side axle and 60% on the back axle). The Idea requires up the Brand's wearing custom, taking us back to its roots, when rate and the weight/power rate were the important factors to a effective rushing automobile, and mixing these factors with the Alfa Romeos which take to the street every day.
2011 Alfa Romeo C4 Concept Alfa Romeo C4 Concept
This car is not simply an exercise in style designed for the Engine Show; it will be available this year and is set to strengthen Alfa Romeo's international development.

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