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2010 Venturi Fetish Review

Posted on the 17 April 2012 by Jojobegu
At the Mondial de l'Automobile 2010 in London, Venturi is introducing a absolutely new Venturi Fetish, immediately according to improvements performed for Venturi's Community Information system in Bonneville, USA (2009-2012) with the Venturi "JAMAIS CONTENTE", the quickest power automobile on the globe.
2010 Venturi Fetish 2010 Venturi Fetish
Rear spoiler, dark-colored front lights cuts, "Bonneville" colors and completes remembering the style of the Venturi "Jamais Contente", the new Venturi Fetish does not, however, articles itself with simple aesthetic retouching : a new engine, extremely effective new gadgets, a new under-carriage, new batterie system, new style for the external, a new internal... Actually, all of its elements have been analyzed to create this technical amazing a automobile of real quality.
With an result of over 300 HP for complete bodyweight of 1,225 bodyweight, 200 km/h, and 0-100 km/h in less than 4 secs, the Venturi Fetish has become a "muscle car", equipped and prepared for fight : above all, it is more than ever before the sportiest and most extremely improved example of a powered car.
2010 Venturi Fetish 2010 Venturi Fetish
Finally, it recognizes itself as a scarcity, developed of very high-tech components : the Fetish is to be constructed manually and specialized in our classes in Monaco.
With over 300 hp (+220 kW) and twisting of 380 Nm, the VM300 is the most innovative engine unit ever developed for a car.
2010 Venturi Fetish 2010 Venturi Fetish
To get the very best out of such a engine, a new 54 kWh power supply has been developed (LIV-10 Lithium Ion Plastic batteries) whose gadgets (Battery Control System) have been given to VENTEC, the innovator in the area.
Venturi Fetish provides a real variety of up to 340 km. Thanks to its on-board power supply charger, it can renew using a frequent electric powered powered plug or fast cost devices (see Specs).
The Venturi Fetish's structure is that of a racing car with a engine preferably installed in a main place to the back, supported by a as well as monocoque case.
2010 Venturi Fetish 2010 Venturi Fetish
The first case created to house a huge number of power supply power, the as well as monocoque developed by Venturi provides an remarkable security cellular for its residents ; it is accomplished by two deformable tissues located at the front and back of the automobile. This idea assures the security of power supply in the occurrence of any sort of incident and provides a level of protection never before obtained in an electric powered automobile.
Thanks to the 300 hp of its engine along with a maximised weight of 1,225 weight, a company new undercarriage and very huge car tyres, the Venturi Fetish acts like a fancy car with superb road-holding and grip.
Leaping from 0 to 100km/hr in less than 4 a few moments, the Venturi Fetish is a true speed car.
Furthermore, the Venturi Fetish provides a variety of up to 340 km.
The Venturi Fetish is hand crafted and to purchase in our classes in Monaco.
The generation is restricted, but not the system of personalization, our Developer Sacha Lakic being at the design of every client to aid him in his most unique wishes.
2010 Venturi Fetish 2010 Venturi Fetish
Special interest has been compensated to the car developing excellent, and particularly to the internal, with a dash presenting high-tech devices, but also royal components such as set or as well as fiber.
Benefitting from on-going technical progress, the Venturi Fetish does not aim to be a mass-produced automobile.
Made manually and to purchase in the Principality of Monaco, it is set aside for an unique and avant-garde customers : its generation is restricted to 10 vehicles per season.
The revenue cost of the Venturi Fetish is 300,000 € + VAT ; its achievement time is currently 12 several weeks.
With a 2-year assurance, the Fetish advantages from support empowering our specialists to execute a tele-diagnosis through a easy WiFi or GPRS relationship.

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