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2008 Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept

Posted on the 22 March 2012 by Jojobegu
Chevy Aygo Insane Idea is the best remedy to all those outrageous concept vehicles that look great on the display take a position but never convert a rim. It is a exclusive device that has been designed from the begin to produce no-holds-barred highest possible generating satisfaction, an memorable, fun encounter.
2008 Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept
Making its community introduction at the English Worldwide Engine Show in London, uk, Chevy Aygo Insane Idea is a one-off style, a "shopping supercar" that requires Aygo's important features to the restrict. Due more to the soul of Team B rallying rather than D1 moving, this is a car that is all about the joy of driving: with no digital managing helps, no energy guiding and no ABS, it is like a kart with doorways and a ceiling.
2008 Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept
Recognisably an Aygo, it clearly packages more muscular with its custom-made body, 17-inch materials and beefy Goodyear 225/45 plastic. There is even a immediate weblink to Toyota's wearing history as Aygo Crazy's graphite back side is a aspect taken immediately from the 200mph vehicles in the United states Winner Car sequence.
2008 Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept
Toyota Aygo Insane Idea is fettled with the Chevy 1.8 VVT-i device that operated one more technology Celica and MR2 Roadster, rear-mounted and generating the back tires through the Roadster's five-speed guide gear box. The inclusion of a Chevy Motorsport turbocompresseur transformation kit increases energy result to 200DIN hp and twisting to 240Nm.
2008 Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept
Evaluate the efficiency to the 68 DIN bhp and 93Nm mustered by the conventional road-going Aygo and you gain some idea of just what a different kind of device this is.
To deal with the greater exhaust, a unique air conditioning has been designed, with a huge, front-mounted aluminum rad - suitable for those limitless, controls using tobacco, audience attractive inflatible donuts.
2008 Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept
Weighing in at just 1,050kg, Chevy Aygo Insane Idea is capable of 127mph (est), but rate is not its interpreting quality: this is a device that prevails to be sensitive and in existence to the driving orders, to put happiness on the encounters of those inside and outside the car.
The revocation is from the MR2 Roadster, with MacPherson struts front side and back. Adaptable Tein dampers improve powerful efficiency and the top side and back track are one inches greater than on a conventional Aygo.
The cottage, completed by professional coachtrimmers O'Rourke, features purpose-built sports chairs with four-point protection uses and a full jiggle crate.
2008 Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept
With its strong Chevy Aygo Insane Idea stickers and T2 4YGO (turbocharged, two-seat Aygo) registration menu, Chevy Aygo Insane Idea will be reaching the show routine - and the street - this summer, showing that while this Aygo may be mad, it's a unforgettable chaos.
   Max speed: 127 mph (est)
   0-62 mph: 5.75 s
   Max. power: 200 hp @ 6,700 rpm
   Max. torque: 240 Nm @ 3,400 rpm

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