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2006 Cadillac XLRV Review

Posted on the 10 April 2012 by Jojobegu
The 2006 Rolls royce XLR-V ultra-luxury, high-performance roadster sets new requirements in energy, efficiency and personal conveniences, mixing unique, strong design with modern high-class, brilliant technology and rear-wheel drive efficiency.
2006 Cadillac XLRV 2006 Cadillac XLRV
At the heart of the XLR-V is the new, 4.4L edition of the Northstar website equipped with a positive displacement intercooled supercharger. The Northstar V-8 SC (supercharged), which also abilities the STS-V, generates 443 power (330 kw) at 6400 rpm and 414 lb.-ft. (561 Nm) twisting at 3900 rpm (SAE certified*). The engine's energy is underscored by its ability to produce 90 percent of its optimum twisting between 2200 and 6000 rpm. The website also functions diverse device time, empowering excellent top-end efficiency while maintaining the accomplishment and quality associated with a high-class marque. The website is mated to the all-new Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automated gearbox.
2006 Cadillac XLRV 2006 Cadillac XLRV 
The 6L80 is one of the most technically innovative automated signals in the industry, using clutch-to-clutch function and a sophisticated incorporated 32-bit indication operator to produce sleek, accurate changes. In addition, a wide 6.04:1 overall rate propagate increases efficiency and gas mileage.
2006 Cadillac XLRV 2006 Cadillac XLRV 
The 6L80 also carries a host of innovative driving improvement functions, such as innovative Performance Formula Moving (PAS), Performance Formula Liftfoot (PAL), and Car owner Switch Control (DSC). 
Case variations on the XLR-V involve bigger brakes; recalibrated Magnetic Ride Management (MR); bigger front side backing bar and the addition of a back backing bar; stronger back reduced control arm bushings; bigger wheels and tires; a power guiding liquid cooler; and a higher-capacity fuel pump.
2006 Cadillac XLRV 2006 Cadillac XLRV 
  •  XLR-V design variations provide a more vivid character in keeping with its performance features, yet retain an element of enhanced splendor. Style improvements include:
  •  Refined wire capable upper and reduced front side grilles, a V-Series signature
  •  Strongly attractive cover that makes room for the supercharger
  •  New 10-spoke metal rim design with gold finish
  •  Unique V-Series and Revved-up badging
  •  Four polished metal fatigue tips
  •  Dark-colored complete braking mechanism calipers with produced V-Series logo
  •  Three exterior color offerings: Infra Red, Dark-colored Raven and Light Platinum
  •  Zingana Wood on the shifter handle, cup holder area, rim, and on associated with the door and heart console
  •  Black set with France appears on internal components
  •  Soft, soft set seats with France appears and related punctured suede fabric inserts
  •  Aluminum feature pieces throughout the interior
2006 Cadillac XLRV 2006 Cadillac XLRV
Like XLR, the XLR-V will be built at GM's state-of-the-art, award-winning Go-karting Green construction heart.

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