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2,000 Years Cloaked - Exposed

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
2,000 Years Cloaked - Exposed
I felt it appropriate to post my personal observations of patterns and trends as we approach the Zero Point that we've all been intrigued by for so many years. My friend, Jim, has done a most excellent job of holding the Timewave Zero group together, a group of which I've personally been involved in for a good 10 years. Timewave Zero - less than two weeks now according to Terence McKenna.
It came into my awareness recently that the slowly thinning "veil between the worlds" - or "that which we perceive separates us" from this reality and another - is nearly "see-through" at this point. 
Daily, now, I hear reports of exposure - pants down exposure - to the point where today, I had an "aha!" moment.
I'd say its beginning, for me, was when the website Wikileaks came out in 2006. Then the term "whistleblower" became a household term. Shady dealings exposed, we've found ourselves in a time where Truth does win out. As recently as today, it was announced that a major world bank was exposed for laundering $800M of global drug money and fined a couple billion dollars. 
Countries in upheaval, politicians, religious leaders, community organization leaders, neighborhood thugs all exposed....and it seems fractal in nature. If I had time to research recent discoveries in the depths of Outerspace or the tiniest genome - I could probably cite some larger Universal Truths exposed, as well.
While happening on a large scale, it seems to be happening on a personal level. I'm unable to "fool" myself anymore and, in fact, whenever an old patterned thought enters my mind or begins to escape my lips - my body responds in a drastic way.I've noticed this just in the past few weeks.
Exposure - peeling away the cloak. It's happening at a fast pace these days. The veil is thin and there is nowhere to hide.
Throughout the history of human beings there has been a myth or legend with a similar thread: a point where there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. My "aha!" moment was realizing that the veil or cloak we've sensed of being able to hide within (fill in the blank) is going away. It's time to be our authentic selves once again - to say what we mean and mean what we say. I've been personally practicing this for a good decade but I'm speaking of a tighter level. It seems to make the recent "aha!" of manifesting our intentions into "reality" nothing more than a Kindergarten lesson.
It's very possible that it's about to become "REAL," folks. Plan accordingly - get out the shredder, clean out the closets, tell those you've been avoiding how you feel - the time is here.

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