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20 Ways Cats Show Love and Affection | Do You Love Me?

By Lucifer Bui

Cats always discover ways to say "I love you" even though we can't read their minds. Cats can communicate their love as well as dogs.

Most cats love to show affection and have a variety of ways to prove their love. Their devotion is a little different from the way we show affection. Most of them love their owners just much and more! There are multiple ways cats express their love.

Although cats can't talk, they seek ways to communicate continuously.

Cats communicate by pawing at the legs because they want attention, meow because they are hungry, and always discover ways to let you know what they think.

This list of 20 different communications reveals excellent ways that cats express their affection and love.

20 ways cats show love

1. Eye contact

Ways Cats Show Love Affection
20 ways cats show love and affection | Do you love me?

If you see your cat staring you in the eyes, it is a clear sign they acknowledge you and are grateful for you. They are known to make such eye contact with those they trust.

2. Following you everywhere

When your cat delights in being around you, they will follow you everywhere. Most likely, they will always rub against your legs or attempt to trip you on accident.

3. Purrs

Ways Cats Show Love Affection
20 ways cats show love and affection | Do you love me?

When cats are delighting in something or are relaxed, they begin purring. It is a very obvious way cats reveal affection and love. Frequently, they will purr while they are being petted. However, although it is not usual, it can also indicate your cat is upset about something.

4. Twitching the tail

When a cat holds their tail straight up and jerks its tip, it is known to indicate a strong feeling of love and affection.

5. Butt hike

When a cat raises their butt while you are petting them and welcomes you to scratch the base of their tail, they are signaling affection. As they come towards you with their tail straight up and the end casually tipped, it is a signal of love. Another funny way is when they pose their rear in your face.

6. Meows

A cat's way of speaking and interacting with you is meowing. That is always a good sign.

7. Head-butts

A cat's efforts to show that you are their property is to head-butt you. By doing this, they release their facial pheromones onto your skin. They are giving you a hug and showing they love you.

8. Playmates

Kittens are known to always play with trusted playmates out of enjoyment. On the other hand, cats will tease you by moving out of your reach and forcing you to play with them.

9. Resting places

Cats are known to rest for sixteen hours daily, and they know they are vulnerable while resting. They love to sleep, and they will choose a safe location to relax. It is a sign of love and trust when they decide to rest in your lap.

10. Clawing

Ways Cats Show Love Affection
20 ways cats show love and affection | Do you love me?

Where does your cat claw the most? By scratching, it will leave visual and scented areas of ownership for them. They will choose an area that is the most connected with their owner.

11. Presents

The most common ways a cat will show love is by hunting a "present" to leave at your feet or doorstep. It's their way of giving you a treat for your special devotion. They will present mice, snakes, birds, etc. Cats are extraordinary hunters.

12. Kisses

By licking their favorite people on their skin, hair, or clothing, this indicates tremendous affection. It is a way of grooming as well. By their kisses, they release a familiar smell that marks their person as their property.

13. Kneading with the paws

Are you "kneaded?" All of us desire to be needed. Cats will knead you with their paws like dough when they love you. They learn how to do this when they nurse as kittens. It is a way of bonding.

14. Excited rolls

Cats are excited to see you when they roll around on the floor or ground. Usually, children will drop on the ground and roll around while angry. Cats are different. When greeting you, they will walk or run towards you, fall onto the floor or ground, and roll. They also do this when they want attention.

15. Gentle nibbles

An expression of love and wanting to play is when a cat nibbles on you playfully. However, it is much different than hurtful bites meant to attack.

16. Showing bellies

When a cat reveals their belly to you, it means they trust you wholeheartedly as their protector. In your presence, they are telling you they are defenseless if there is an attack, but cats do not care because they know you will protect them. They only reveal their bellies to those they trust.

17. Gets jealous

Ways Cats Show Love Affection
20 ways cats show love and affection | Do you love me?

Cats can get jealous of things and other people. When they try to steal your attention away from something you're doing or someone you're talking to, it can indicate they want your attention drawn to them. It is a sign of love.

18. Making a point

Cats will make a point when they get upset about something. An example is pooing on your bed. It may upset you, but it's their way of telling you they care.

19. Sulking

Cats will sulk if they are upset. Perhaps you have been gone on vacation or out awhile. They may seem distant or aloof, but don't worry, they will come around soon. If they didn't sulk about something, they wouldn't care about you. Sulking also indicates they care.

20. Does not say "No" when you ask "Do you love me?"

If your cat didn't love you, they would certainly tell you when you ask them. All these ways listed indicates a happy, loving, and affectionate kitty!

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Ways Cats Show Love Affection
20 ways cats show love and affection | Do you love me?

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