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2 PM Lunch With Ashley Cisneros, CEO & Co- Founder of ChatterBuzz Media

Posted on the 03 March 2013 by Nelle @ImSoJheanelle

2 PM Lunch With Ashley Cisneros, CEO & Co- Founder of ChatterBuzz Media

Photo Credits :The Red Room

In the heart of Downtown South Orlando lies a boutique media management company called ChatterBuzz Media. Ashley Cisneros is the CEO and Co- Founder of the organization, but the best part of her office is that awesome treadmill desk. She takes gym shoes to work and while she chats on the phone with clients and type away on her computer; she is exercising. This was a very unorthodox setup, but I actually enjoyed the creative details. However, I decided to interview Ms. Cisneros because her accomplishments inspire me as a woman, she has been recognized for her work and she is a successfulentrepreneur. Although ChatterBuzz Media started a little over six months ago, she has received numerous amounts of grants including one from the UNITY: Journalists of Color Inc. This milestone made an impression on me, as a potential businesswoman. She was willing to offer some of her time out of her crazy schedule and was very cordial and welcoming. She commended Full Sail University on teaching students the art of negotiation because it is a valuable asset to have as a potential business professional.

 Separating the People from the Problem

In the world of Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising negotiations happen everyday. Ashley states that it is imperative for anyone, whether you own a business or not. Discussions about salaries, compensation, promotions, rates, packages and fees, just to name a few, are possible opportunities to compromise with another party to arrive at a mutual understanding that will benefit those involved. One key thought that she shared was separating business and personal issues, which would be a similar concept called separating the people from the problem. Dealing with arduous negotiators is never easy but Ashley relies on her instinct to be a guide, walking away being the last resort. Prior to walking away she examines her benefits and costs, toascertain whether or not it is worth putting the time, money and effort into negotiating with a problematic negotiator. On the other hand, if she chose to work with a challenging client, then she tries to remain professional and keep emotions at bay.

Objective Criteria

The bulk of her negotiations are mostly with potential clients varying from unestablished to well-known individuals and business. Internet marketing is a fairly new concept to some, and requires more show and prove. PR, Advertising and Marketing are intangible services that utilized various platforms and avenues, it is not a “one size fits all”. Due to this factor, the client and representative have to negotiate a plan best suitable for their needs. In order to arrive at an agreement, extensive research must be conducted prior to an initial meeting. This research entail investigating trends, statistics, industry standards, and other objective criteria combined with recommended plans of action. The client chooses a plan that is beneficial to them, with the option to add or subtract details. In the event that the client has outrageous request, they can refer to the unprejudiced data that indicate basic facts that can influence their decision.

 Dirty Tricks

This is where is things got very interesting and although I cannot divulge the exact details, it is a common for professional woman or color to be treated differently. Certain clients would deliberately undermine her authority as CEO chiefly because of her gender. In cases like these, she would let the client know her stance and address the issue first. After she has discussed the problem, she gives the option to continue conducting business with the company. Simultaneously, she calculates her benefits and cost, and make a business decision based on the monetary outcome.
After our meeting, I was completely satisfied with all this wonderful information from Ashley.  She highlighted some key points; some may be related to negotiation.
A.   She stressed that contracts are important; it protects you and your business from renegers
B.    As a CEO, you can choose which client you want to extend your services, you have that right to refuse potential clients
C.   Use your intuition when conducting business
D.   When schedule a negotiation meeting with another CEO for potential business, always ask how many people will be attending.
E.   I learned a very hard truth, which is beprepared to be discriminated based on the color of my skin and my gender.
Ashley is full of energy and vibrancy; I wish to meet her again for internships and mentorship. Plus, I would love to see what it’s like to work an 8-12 hour shift on a treadmill.

2 PM Lunch With Ashley Cisneros, CEO & Co- Founder of ChatterBuzz Media

Photo Credits : Chatter Buzz Media

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