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2 Free Phone Applications for the Kids!

By Elena @croppedstories

As I sit here typing this post, my little one is using the Talking Tomcat 2 phone application.  For those that aren’t familiar with this application, it is a freaking riot!  It allows you to talk to an animated cat that will repeat everything you say in a munchkin type voice.  I think my tot thinks she’s having a two sided conversation with it when all it’s really doing is just copying her.  She keeps telling it everything she is doing.  As funny as the application is, though, I wouldn’t recommend it to children of all ages. 

With the touch of a button you can make a dog come into the room and, how can I say this nicely, release gas as the poor cat rolls his eyes and grabs his nose in disgust.  If that’s not enough, it also promotes some serious violence.  You can tap him on different parts of his body like you are hitting him.  Sometimes, depending on how hard you tap the screen, he can be knocked out.  Other buttons include having a dog hit the cat with a pillow and smashing a cake in his face!  With all that said, this is NOT one of the applications I am recommending to the younger kiddies but for the older ones and adults out there that could use a laugh, you’ve got to download this immediately!

 Now, before you think Talking Tom Cat is all bad news, I recorded a little video of him singing the ABCs.
Feel free to call the kids in and have them watch!
How cute is he?

Just click on the image below and it will take you to the download.

Talking Tom Cat 2 
The two applications I am recommending (for girls) are: Prom Night Dress Up and Kitty Dress Up.  The Prom Night application has many outfit and accessory options.  It also includes five different scenes (Winter girl, Beach girl, Summer girl, Prom Night, and Wedding).  You can do everything from choosing the color of their skin, hair styles/colors, jewelry, shoes, gloves, to handbags, etc.  I’m not going to lie.  I’ve actually dressed up a few of them myself!  Kitty Dress Up is very limited in comparison but I would have felt bad not including it when my little one just loves it so much and it does allow you to unlock features for those that want more dress up options.

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