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1968-07-09 Dallas Memorial Auditorium - Dallas, TX

Posted on the 13 April 2012 by Melkor89
1968-07-09 Dallas Memorial Auditorium - Dallas, TX1968-07-09 Dallas Memorial Auditorium - Dallas, TX
Dallas Memorial Auditorium
Dallas, TX

Format: mp3 320 kbps
Tracklist:01 - Soul Kitchen 6:18
02 - Back Door Man 3:27
03 - Five To One 5:45
04 - Break On Through (To The Other Side) 5:47
05 - The Crystal Ship 3:02
06 - Texas Radio And The Big Beat 1:40
07 - Hello, I Love You 2:09
08 - Moonlight Drive 3:18
09 - Money 3:22
10 - When The Music's Over 14:21
11 - Wake Up! 1:42
12 - Light My Fire 7:56
From Greg Shaw's book The Doors On The Road:Although they start off a bit hesitantly, the Doors are in fine form for this Dallas performance. The musicians are tight, and Morrison sings with a deliberate pacing. After "Crystal Ship", the show surges as Morrison lets loose on "When the Music's Over". During the quiet "gentle sound" portion, Jim moans like an Islamic devotee and continues to speak placidly, sounding almost exasperated, before erupting into "We want the world..."  to the wildest cheering and applause of the evening.
During the instrumental passage of "Light My Fire", Jim nonchalantly jumps from the stage and extends his mike to various audience members who yelp appreciatively. He is met with stern silence when he offers the mike to one of the police officers stationed in front of the stage. Morrison then taunts the police by throwing his hands on the stage as if he were being trisked, and then swings around offering his lit cigarette to the cops as if it were a joint. When Jim retums to the stage, he finishes the set with his back tumed derisively to the audience, and strides off the stage.
The local underground paper Dallas Notes comments on the show: "July 9, Jim Morrison and the Doors made their first appearance in Dallas. The show is enough to convince this reviewer that no other pop group can come near them. I say 'Jim Morrison and the Doors' because Morrison's personality totally dominated the performance as it may soon dominate the new rock scene. His dynamic fluctuations from hot to cold, his gyrations, kept the audience flowing with him, and the enthusiastic applause was a testimony to his swaying power. He is a well balanced combination of actor and accomplished singer. Although Morrison dominated the show, it is not fair to say that the other members were not great also. They were, especially drummer Iohn Densmore. And Ray Manzarek's organ, closer to jazz than rock, gave out some of the most original sounds ever heard in Dallas. Robby Krieger's guitar also came through in marvelous fashion". (John Marken "Morrison dominates Doors performance", Dallas Notes, July 1968)

My notes:Good audience tape. "The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)" is in a very primitive form, and it's the earliest live recording of this song as far as I know. "Light My Fire" probably has a cut at 1:27.
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