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1967-03-07 The Matrix - San Francisco, CA

Posted on the 12 December 2011 by Melkor89
1967-03-07 The Matrix - San Francisco, CA
1967-03-07 The Matrix - San Francisco, CA
The Matrix
San Francisco, CA

Format: mp3 256kbps
01 - Back Door Man 5:49
02 - My Eyes Have Seen You 3:01
03 - Soul Kitchen 4:19
04 - Get Out Of My Life, Woman 4:25
05 - When The Music's Over 13:09
06 - Close To You 3:08
07 - Crawling King Snake 5:08
08 - I Can't See Your Face In My Mind 3:27
09 - People Are Strange 2:22
10 - Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) 3:48
11 - The Crystal Ship 3:16
12 - Twentienth Century Fox 2:58
13 - Moonlight Drive 6:41
14 - Summer's Almost Gone 3:53
15 - Unhappy Girl 4:12
16 - Me And The Devil Blues - Rock Me Baby 8:36
17 - Break On Through (To The Other Side) 4:25
18 - Light My Fire 8:36
19 - The End 14:29
From Greg Shaw's book The Doors On The Road:The Matrix is a relatively small San Francisco club (seating just over 100 people) that features many of the prominent Bay Area bands from the sixties and early seventies. It is host to many other touring acts as well, attracting them with the proposition of a multiple-night bookings. Opening in 1965, it features Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane as one of the original proprietors. The Matrix is a mainstay on the San Francisco scene until 1971.These Matrix shows are relatively sedate compared to other Doors shows at the time. The band seems almost stoic in this intimate environment, which is quite different from the ballrooms that are attracting immense crowds. They appear content with just introducing their music with minimal fanfare, although Morrison does interject some spontaneous poetry into the longer pieces.Of particular note is the Door's version of "Light My Fire", which features an unusual introduction and a structure that is quite different from their regular version. The Doors frequently experiment with variations on their music, keeping the creative spirit alive even after the studio arrangement is completed. (Another instance includes the new introduction and dramatic musical passages that appear during their live performances of "The End" in 1968.)Morrison also produces an extended intro leading to "Rock Me", paraphrasing the film title "The Devil Is a Woman", and later incorporating some obscure an vivid poetry into "The End".- "The Devil Is a Woman" is a reference to the last Josef Von Sternberg movie starring Marlene Dietrich, filmed in 1935. Von Sternberg was an instructor of film direction at UCLA during Jim's years there, and Morrison sometimes avowed that Van Sternberg's obscure "Anatahan" was his favorite film. Morrison rearranges the sequence of words ("Woman Is the Devil") for his introductory piece to "Rock Me".
My notes:A complete and good quality recording of a concert in the Doors' early days. Many bootlegs include "Who Do You Love?" as track nr. 10 between "People Are Strange" and "Alabama Song", but it actually belongs to the Avalon Ballroom show, so I decided to remove it.

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