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Posted on the 03 May 2016 by Lenalenson

The IP address is the default one and fourth version of the internet protocol. It is a private IP address, which allow the router devices to set the IP addresses within the local network and does not work outside the local network. The great thing about the IP address is possible to modify the default IP address on the router. This private address is widely used by the cable modems, routers and many ADSL as the default one. Many manufacturers can use this IP as the default one for the following devices that include,

  • 3com broadband routers
  • Thompson speed touch ADSL routers
  • Hawaii ADSL routers
  • ADSL billion routers
  • Cheap Chinese TP-Link routers
  • SRW2023 Linksys switches
  • Westell ADSL modems
  • Internet gateways from Motorola or Cayman

Get the smooth internet connectivity with broadband modem and routers

The mobile broadband modem is also called as the data card, which allows the devices include a PC, laptop, tablet or router in order to get the internet access through mobile broadband connection. Nowadays, many broadband routers and modems are connected via the broadband connection instead of using cable or television lines. To get internet access, the user can connect to the ISP by using a wireless modem or router. There are several different types of wireless modems available on the internet so you can choose the best routers among the different brands.

Default IP Address

Basically, choosing the best modem or router is a quite daunting task for everyone that needs to spend some time to find the right one based on your needs. When you pick a better modem or router, you have to analyze the requirements and then understand the essential characteristics of the wireless router. Today, the ADSL router is one of the best types of router device, which can simply combine with a router and an ADSL modem. The modem connects a single device where as the router connects the two different computer networks. When it comes to home networking scenario, the modem is a good option for you and the router can be used for the business purposes.

Things to be considered before buying wireless ADSL router

The wireless modems and routers are the widely used network devices that serve various purposes. The main principles of these two devices are very easy to understand and used by everyone for many purposes. In recent days, these modems and routers are used for both home and business purposes. One of the important things to be considered is the price of a normal router and Wi-Fi router is marginal. So many people can go with Wi-Fi router. However, the ASDL modem router cost starts from the range of Rs.1500/ or less than that. Before buying the wireless ADSL router, here are some key factors to be considered that includes,

Speed – It gives a minimum speed up to 8 Mbps and maximum speed up to 300 Mbps speed. When you use several PCs or devices in the wireless network, you just consider the router which provides a higher bandwidth.

Technology – When it comes to technology, there are many rules and standards for setting the wireless network in the different frequency brands such as 2.4, 3.5 and 5 Giga Hz. Usually, these standards are maintained by IEEE for the wireless connectivity. These IEEE standards are also improved with the newer versions such as 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11b and 802.11n.  However, these new versions of networks standards are operated in various frequency bands.

Choose the best modem – Today, there are several varieties of modems and routers available on the internet that includes,

  • Single band “G” type routers
  • Single band “N” type routers
  • Double band “G” type routers
  • Double band “N” type routers

Security – Nowadays, the router users are worried about the security features of wireless modems. This is because, the Wi-Fi router and modem brands are coming up with the updated features of security such as content filtering, inbuilt firewall, parental controls and so on.

Connectivity options and configuration

Basically, the Wi-Fi routers are available with 4 Ethernet ports that connect to wireless devices. Even some of the routers have an additional USB port, which will be benefits for the normal users for the router configuration setups.

ADSL router with 3G dongle support

One of the greatest things of wireless routers in Indian market is the ADSL router with 3G dongle support. These types of routers are the perfect life saver for you.

Additional features of ADSL modem/router

  • USB or SD flash drive support
  • Parental control and inbuilt firewall
  • Bandwidth monitoring and control

Cost of ADSL modem – This Wi-Fi router has started from the range of Rs.1200/- and have more essential features. Purchasing a good Wi-Fi router is the best option in terms of budget.

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