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By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie


A portrait of my daughter every week of 2014.

April is ending. The trees are blossoming and the days are stretching long beyond dinner. We’ve had sniffly noses and late nights. We’ve had warm afternoons followed by light snow. I am surrounded by change, and I see it no where more than in my daughter. She grows and learns and explores more each day. I watch her step out…and then run back to make sure we’re still there to catch her.

She’s talking, which I love. More than any milestone, her words are magical to me. I guess it should come as no surprise that a writer would find such delight in hearing her daughter ascribe meaning to the world with her voice. Chicken. Dog. Cat. Papa. Mama. She knows five words, and she knows them well.

She still isn’t walking but we’re so very close. I just spoke with Ryan (who is watching her while I teach tonight). He thinks she’s on the brink of taking those first few steps. I couldn’t agree more.

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