17 Days and Counting

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Thetrendyhippie
17 days.  Yup.  For real.  So close, yet so far away.  Let me rephrase, the comp feels close, my post comp food seems so far away.  I was just told to stop looking at food porn.  I wasn't trying to!  Honestly!!  Last night while I pinned "Chocolate M&M Cake Mix Cookies", I was clearly seeking it out.  Not intentional today while I browsed through my Instagram feed of mostly fit bods and inspirational quotes.  Darn you Stella & Dot and your doughnut cake!  *sigh* I have to remind myself that doughnut cakes will only make me look like a doughnut.  I don't want to be doughy anymore.
17 days and counting
My competition prep is nothing extreme in my opinion.  I get a lot of food, my calories aren't crazy low.  The difference is, I've been working out hard and doing cardio 5 days/week.  I was probably MORE tired and run-down feeling before I started this comp.  I was eating crap whatever I wanted 14 weeks ago and rarely working out.  That being said, I don't feel like it's a diet I could sustain.  Trust me, "bulk" season is much more enjoyable.  Cheat meals are fun and even though I'll feel a little "fluffy", I know what my end result is...more muscle!  I'll be looking to my coach for guidance, but I'll be interested in following the theory of "If It Fits Your Macros", commonly hashtagged as #iifym  It's legit.  A lot of my fit friends follow it with great success and never feel deprived.
I'm someone who likes to start packing for something really early.  Like say, 2-3 weeks away...hehe!  My bag is set out and as I think of things that I'll need, I toss it in the bag.  Last time, I had a rolling luggage bag of cookies, candy, and other nonsense crap.  Need I remind you that my last comp was in Dallas...??  Ha!  I learned my lesson.  I literally ate 2 or 3 cookies and one snack size candy bar.  Done.  I told my mom tonight that I may come back 15lbs heavier since we have a whole road trip home.  Whataburger or Sonic, maybe some Taco Bell (yes, I know it's not real meat, but it's delicious).  I'll probably make Shane find our way through West to grab some kolaches at the Czech Stop...what else.  Oh wait, we were talking about packing.  Suit, heels, hair spray, black robe, cute post comp clothes, comfy driving clothes, my new makeup that will work with my ridic comp tan, 3D Fiber Lashes (because I'm beyond be blogged about later), toothbrush.  Done.  Boom.
I'll check y'all later, I have some Pinteresting to do...

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