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By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie


A portrait of my daughter every week of 2014.

Some of the best moments of my day? Early afternoon. Lucy has recently awoken from her mid-day nap, and she’s happy to be held, cuddled and tickled. I carry her into our bedroom and we play together on our bed. She laughs and snuggles, and my heart swells with so much love. It makes the less glamorous parts of my day (the dirty diapers, the soaked nursing bras, the dust under the couch) melt away. I’m with my daughter, and we’re both very much in love.

Mom and Lu with Horse
As I type this, sitting on my living room floor, Lucy is crawling up my back and laughing. She’s so active now, and it won’t be long before she’s walking and running. I’m trying to treasure each day of her babyhood because they really are passing so fast. Today, we’ll nurse and play and share oatmeal for breakfast. We’ll walk and snuggle and laugh. Happy Spring and Happy Easter, sweet friends. Thank you for all the love and support.


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