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By Leonied
A: You are so ready for the holidays but when you're distracted and happy, the delight on your face is magical.
- You got your school report which was awesome, complete with a classic line from you: I knew what I wanted to do, the picture was in my brain and looked like this and so that's just what I did. Isn't it pretty?"
L: You love wearing your togs during the day, though "I'm not going whimming Mummy" you assure me.
- Whilst Mum and Dad were trying to ask big sis to compose herself and not lose her marbles, you piped up: "I've got all my marbles!" Referring of course to your actual marbles, too funny :)
- With your birthday approaching I asked your two sisters quietly what we should get you as a present. From the other end of the house you yelled: "Chocolate! And Lollies!"... supersonic hearing and a response that is so you and makes us laugh :)
H: Tunnels and climbing before heading off to a birthday party - the only girl invited among all the boys. Testament to your lovely nature and ability to play with anyone.
- Big sis was deciding whether she wanted a second helping of dinner and explained she was waiting to hear what her tummy had to say... So you piped up: "Nooooo! it's not your tummy that will tell you, it's your brain!"
L xx
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