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15 Thoughts and Takeaways from Taylor Swift, You All Over Me

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

It's new day, and I'm here for it. Obviously. Swift's release of You All Over Me takes us back in time to Fearless era Taylor, but with a song we don't know because she never recorded it.

The result is something new and familiar at the same time. The whole thing is lovely. But I had more thoughts, so here we are in this post.

First, hit play on the song. Then, have a look at my rambling and flowing thought process. Then, leave a comment and tell us all what you think about You All Over Me and Taylor's step back to 2008 or so.

Taylor Swift ft. Maren Morris - You All Over Me

Ready? Here we go!

Pre-Release: Getting Ready

Okay! Here we go! If she's releasing "From The Vault" songs as pre-releases, she means it. This isn't just a re-recording with some extra jams tacked on. This is a re-recording with some extra gems tacked on.

Maren Morris? Yes, please! Bring in some of that modern country connection to go back to the country songs, but keep one foot in the world and sensibilities of pop because both Maren and T.Swift know how to do that.

(After hearing the clip) Okay, I want it now. Please. I didn't know it was going to be this. I like this Taylor.

Post-Release: The Listening

This feels like a country song right away - and I am happy for that.

Rain imagery - instant proof this was written back in the day with the other Fearless songs.

I get a 'Sheryl Crow country song' feel to this that (hits me on the "But like the dollar in your pocket" line) that feels like it comes because this isn't the same voice and Taylor that sang those original Fearless songs

Maren in the background singing those vocals is a really nice touch.

"But no amount of freedom gets you clean. I've still got you all over me." is CLASSIC young Taylor Swift singing about breakup fallout. <3

"With your hands in your pockets and your don't you wish you had me grin" is also vintage Swift.

It's a weird thing, to feel like I'm watching someone read aloud from a journal or diary from 13 or 14 years ago, knowing that person has grown and changed and moved on... but still hearing and feeling what they were thinking in that time.

This song should be on country radio and the country charts - and if it isn't it's because the industry isn't willing to welcome her back the way that Brad Paisley said they would at the 2014 CMA Awards after she made her full move to pop with the release of 1989.

There's a little touch, a hint, of what we get on folklore and evermore from a production and creation side. Listen closely to the intro, before Taylor starts to sing, and you'll hear the little beats, not overwhelming, but there and blending with the guitar and harmonica. The past and the future together.

There's a strong chance that anyone who associates a breakup with the songs from the original Fearless album is going to feel like they're in an emotional time machine - and might have to deal with those feelings again today.

Why didn't this song make the original album or the Platinum Edition?

Post-Listen: Final Thought

If we're going to get "From The Vault" songs from all of the albums that Taylor Swift is recording, and they are going to feel right now and like they could have been included with the original releases, I'm going to be a very happy listener and fan, and I won't be alone.

15 Thoughts and Takeaways from Taylor Swift, You All Over Me

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