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15 Things You Wished You Had Known About Pregnancy

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


15 Things You Wished You Had Known About Pregnancy



Planning for a baby can be magical, deciding to become a mom is a very exciting time, finding out your pregnant is a memory that will last a lifetime but not every new mom to be will be prepared for the pregnancy part. Those 9 months of feeling somewhat of a hippo, having those little feet dig in under your rib cage, crying at the slightest thing and craving the most disgusting items.

I asked the mums on my mums group what they wished they had know about pregnancy,here is what they said…

  1. That I would spend half the pregnancy not fitting into any of your ordinary clothes.
  2. The many many aches and pains
  3. The terrible sickness and not just at morning time
  4. To eat healthy as its so hard to shift the baby weight afterwards
  5. The severe horror of heartburn
  6. What a sweep was and how they did one
  7. That I would wee my pants quite often
  8. That my feet and ankles would swell
  9. That my backside would end up bigger than my baby bump
  10. How tired you get during pregnancy
  11. That the pregnancy bloom and glow never comes its a myth
  12. That I would not be able to walk, only waddle
  13. That I would become a moody, hormonal bitch from hell
  14. Not being able to control your wind, yes my farts stank
  15. That sleep was not something you would get much of

Feel free to add to our list – What do you wish you had know about pregnancy that came as a shock?

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