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15 Reasons Why We Love Dogs

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

#1: Dogs wait for us to come home (see “Faithful dog loses it when soldier returns home”).


#2: Dogs comfort us when we’re sick or troubled (see “Cute dog comforts owner with potatoes and other gifts”).


#3: They wear their hearts on their tails (see “Dog faints from joy, reunited with woman after 2 years”).


#4: Dogs teach us how to savor the simple pleasures of life (see “Dog and owlet are best friends”).


#5: Dogs never repay your kindness with viciousness (see “Stray dogs befriended by U.S. soldier in Afghanistan saved his life from Muslim suicide bomber”).


#6: Dogs are honest (see “Dogs are better at spotting liars than Obama supporters”).


#7: Dogs are good for our mental health.


#8: Dogs help us exercise and keep physically fit.


#9: Dogs clearly recognize friends from foes (see “Stray dogs attend funeral service of woman who had fed them” and “Homeless dog kicked by driver returns with pals to exact revenge on his car”).


#10: Dogs teach us how to be a friend (see “Dog found help for friend stuck for a week in a ravine”).


#11: Dogs are kind (see “Labrador determined to befriend Down’s Syndrome boy”).

Labrador with Down syndrome boy

#12: Dogs are loyal and faithful, even when their owners are sick or have died (see “Little dog walks 20 blocks to find cancer-stricken owner in hospital,” “Dog waits 8 days in parking lot for hospitalized owner,” “Heartbroken dog attends daily Mass,” and “Heartbroken dog visits owner’s grave site every day”).

dog visits owner's grave

#13: Some dogs are downright holy (see “Homeless dog saves newborn baby from garbage dump,” “Dog rescues kittens dumped in traffic” and “Homeless dog saves life of 3-year-old girl”).


#14: Dogs make us want to be better people (see “Dog saves woman from choking to death,” “Hero dog saves foster guardian’s life” and “Hero dog saves 4 children from fire”).


#15: Dogs give us their whole hearts, sometimes their very lives (see “Seeing-eye dog risks life to rescue blind man in NY subway”).


H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69


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