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15 Creative CVs That Stand out from the Crowd

Posted on the 14 April 2013 by Curatist @TheCuratist

We have emphazided last week the importance of having an original and well-designed business card for your business to stand out from the crowd in a post featuring a collection of 10 very interactive business cards. The same logic applies to CVs/ resumes, the more original they are, the longer-lasting impression they will make on your recruiters. Providing that they remain coherent to the industry you’re willing to target and appropriately showcase your set of skills.

Creative CVs definitely don’t suit all kind of jobs but if you are looking for a creative and design-oriented position, it is worth taking the time to design a showcase of your skills set that will put you on the front line compared to all the other applicants who are signing up for the same job with a classic boring arial 12 word document.

It is bearly breaking news that employers filter tons of CVs everyday and it is more likely that only the stunning ones will get noticed. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” isn’t a widely used adage when it comes to job-seeking so make sure that you have put all the chances of success on you side with a good looking resume (and a solid cover letter).

In order to help you find out inspiration in your quest of the ideal resume, we felt like sharing some more great designs.

1- Ariane Denise Lunod – CV of a copywriter

ariane denise Lunod

2- Chuck D Lay – CV of a graphic designer

Chuck D Lay

3- Eder Martinez Cebrian – Cv of an illustrator

Eder Martinez Cebrian

4- Eric Gandhi – Google Cv of a designer

Eric Gandhi

5- Jolie O’Dell – Cv of a graphic designer

Jolie O Dell

6- Maria Rybak – Timeline CV of a graphist

Maria Rybak

7- Matthew Villovos – Cv of a server

Matthew Villovos

8- Milan Chudoba – CV of a graphic designer

Milan Chudoba

9- Jonathan Kaczynski – The TUbe CV

onathan kaczynski

10- Ong Xi Ru – The vitamin CV

Ong Xi Ru

11- Oratio West – Cv of a graphic designer

Oratio west

12- Pau Morgan

pau morgan

13- Richard Therough – CV of a marketer

Richard Therough

14- Stuart Mayhew – CV of a creative director

Stuart Mayhew

15- Tracey Wright – CV of an illustrator

Tracey Wright

Which CVs do you find the most attractive? Feel free to share other examples of stunning resumes by dropping a line in the comment box.

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