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15 Best Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

Posted on the 27 May 2020 by Ssghtc001

Sometimes it becomes important to get a little grooming, and that’s the time people enter the hair salons. Several people love getting pampered and get a good hair spa, haircut, and other such things. If you are the owner of one such salon then this compilation will be of great use to you.

It does not matter if you use costly products, if you don’t have got a great shampoo bowl then your things may become futile. So here is a compilation of the best 15 portable shampoo bowls for you.

1.Nova microdermabrasion portable shampoo bowl

Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This is just the best hair care product that one can own. The Nova Company’s shampoo bowls are no exception and they fulfill all the requirements. The height of the bowl is adjustable. They also have a drain hose so that you can drain out the excess water.

You can easily shampoo hair in it as the sink is deep enough. It is also portable as the whole shampoo bowl is lightweight.

2.Mobile salon hair washing basin

 Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This mobile salon hair washing basin is versatile and can be utilized for various purposes. This product is very unique because of the several features that it has. This is an inflatable shampoo bowl that can assist you hair shampooing.

This shampoo bowl has adjustable flaps channels so that the hair gets cleaned with perfection. It is very comfortable for the customers too because of the neck support. It is portable as it gets inflates and can get ready to be used in just a few breaths.

3.Saloniture portable salon basin

 Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This shampoo bowl from Saloniture is very impressive. It is equipped with every important feature that you would require. The material of this is made up of ABS composite that adds up durability to it and makes it long-lasting.

The capacity of this shampoo bowl is large enough and you can also adjust the height hassle-free. The bowl can be kept intact at a place by the use of the pedestal base.

4.Saloniture portable salon deep basin

 Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

The Saloniture is one of the best portable shampoo bowls that you can get. It is just perfect for splurge because of its black color. The height of this can be very easily adjusted and it is made up of ABS plastic that adds up durability to it.

It is portable because of its lightweight and the pedestal base of this product is sturdy enough as they consist of five legs.

5.Best choice product shampoo basin

Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

Here comes another fantastic product in the line of portable shampoo bowls. It is from the best choice of products. Its looks are very lavish as it comes in black color. This can even make your saloon look very stylish.

This product is made of injection-molded plastic, its height is adjustable, and the hose of this shampoo bowl can get extended up to 7 feet. So you can add this shampoo bowl to your salon and it will surely add up to its lavishness.

6.ZENY pro portable shampoo basin

Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

ZENY comes in one of the most reliable company’s lists that provides excellent products to its users. This product of there comes in black color and it looks lavish. This will be an excellent product to add to the salon.

You don’t have to scratch your head and waste a lot of time in assembling it as it is very easy to assemble and gets assembled in just a few minutes. It is portable because of its lightweight. It is highly durable because of the premium material that is used to build it and the height of this can also be adjusted accordingly.

7.TMS portable black adjustable height shampoo basin

Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

Here is another great shampoo bowl on this list. This product not just has got great looks but it fulfills all the requirements too. It has got a treatment tool in the bowl that makes it much more comfortable for everyone.

Because of its black color, it looks very lavish. Its height can be adjusted accordingly and there is also a drain hose that is 39 inches long. The shampoo bowl dimension is 19” (L) x18” (W) x8”(H).

8.LCL beauty CERAMIC adjustable shampoo bowl

 Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This product from the LCL beauty is just a wonderful shampoo bowl and can be used daily. One of the best things about it is that it has been certified therefore there are very few chances of doubting the authenticity of it.

This is a professional grade shampoo bowl that has every comfortable gel backrest so that the user can feel relaxed. It has been triple-certified that makes it more alluring to splurge. It also comes with a one-year warranty

9.Giantex portable salon hair shampoo bowl

 Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

Giantex is a worthy company that is known to manufacture high-grade products. This portable shampoo bowl is just one of its worthy products that come all equipped with each essential feature required.

The height of this shampoo bowl can be adjusted according to the use. This product provides good convenience for shampooing hairs and does other such things. It is durable because of the premium grade plastic that it is made up of. It is also portable because of its lightweight.

10.Docooler portable hair salon shampoo bowl

Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This is a very famous product among the people who own hair salons. They have got one of the most reliable products and authentic products. The height of this is adjustable and it is made of molded plastic that adds up to its durability and makes it long-lasting.

These products are resistant to stains and also resistant to fading. It looks very stylish as it is coated by black color and has a gloss finish.

11.Chrome cherry portable inflatable rinse basin

Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This has got a patented rinse tray which suits the old aged and the differently-abled to shampoo their hair at home hassle-free. The channels flaps of this are adjustable and it has a grooving design.

This also comes with a very comfy cushion that is adjustable. This portable shampoo bowl can very easily be inflated in just two breaths plus cleaning it is very easy and as it is portable so it is easy to carry it and store it

12.Duro-Med DMI portable inflatable shampoo bowl

 Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This is a much portable and inflatable shampoo bowl that last longs. This is specially designed for the ones who are on a long term bed rest or else have limited mobility. It is designed in such a way that it provides convenience and comfort to the users.

It has a built-in pillow and the basin is very easy to inflate and deflate and its storage is also easy. It also has got a convenient drain tube that is attached to drain out the water. Heavy-duty vinyl is used to construct the shampoo basin and this makes it easy to clean and durable.

13.Shampoo buddy tear-free riser

 Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This shampoo bowl is specially designed for the kids. This supports a child’s neck and shoulders. This provides a comfortable and convenient hair shampooing experience. Installing it is a very simple process. This shampoo buddy can suction in any flat surface which is 2.75 9inches are wider.

It has got a suction cup that has a sticky polyurethane gel layer that makes a very strong suction and does not damage the surface. Silicon gel is used to make the neck pad and this shampoo bowl can be bought in two colors that are gray and blue.

14.Mefeir black portable shampoo sink adjustable height

 Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This Mefeir portable shampoo bowl has a rubber stopper which can be very useful to store water. This also has a flexible drainage hose that you can connect to the underside of the drain so that to drain out the water

It is very easy to clean this bowl and it is stain resistant. This shampoo bowl can either be permanently installed or else can be used as a portable shampoo bowl. This is very durable because it is made of ABS composite and it is also lightweight.

15.Pibbs 5300 porcelain shampoo bowl

 Portable Shampoo Bowls 2020

This Pibbs porcelain bowl for shampoo is much stronger and durable compared to others. It is resistant to stains and fading away because of the porcelain is used to make it. This comes with a faucet, hose receiver, basket, spray hose, and a strainer.

This also comes with all the essential hardware required to install it. The company also provides a one year warranty on this product.

So here were the top 15 portable shampoo bowl that you must give a try. Their looks are lavish and this will add up to the beauty of your salon and these also have many features that tell how useful these are. All these are durable and strong enough to use.

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