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13 Incredible Living Rooms

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers
13 Incredible Living Rooms Modern Living Room by Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Niki Papadopoulos

The living room is the center of the home, a place to gather with friends and family or relax alone. It is a personal as well as social space, and can be subject to a great deal of variety in the personal expression of the room.

Gathered here are 13 remarkable living rooms that will hopefully inspire you to make your living room a space that reflects your lifestyle and idea of beauty.

The first room is featured above. Using grays, with purple as a splash color, it incorporates the urban setting which you can see through the windows while creating a personal and modern approach to the living room.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Contemporary Living Room by Fort Worth Design-Build Firms Hull Historical

On the other end of the environment spectrum, this living room makes use of large windows to show the natural setting of the home, reinforced inside with the use of wood, stone, and softer, warm lighting.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Tropical Living Room by Scottsdale Interior Designers & Decorators Ownby Design

This living room has a touch of a retro look, using warm colors such as hues of brown, with wood and very light stone. Not that the kitchen and  dining area is raised above – and around – the living or sitting room.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Eclectic Living Room by San Francisco Carpet & Flooring Amber Flooring

This room also has the seating area below the rest of the floor, but does not use any low walls to separate the seating area from the higher hallway. The couch and other furnishings are well chosen to highlight this feature.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Beach Style Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Eddie Lee Inc

Lighter grays as a color palate make this living room evoke more of a beach front experience, with large windows to make the most of the natural view. More subtle colors make the most of the colors outside the room.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Traditional Living Room by Centreville Photographers Buchanan Photography

This very traditional living room, with warm creams and floral patterns, gives the you plenty to look at and admire. The detail on everything – from the feet of the chairs to the molding around the ceiling are the hallmark of traditional style.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Spaces by Holland Home Media Design & Installation Premovation – Smarter Spaces

If you know what you love to do with your friends and family, your “living room” can be entirely reworked and remodeled to do that best. This living area is a home theater, with recliners a plenty, and even curtains framing the big screen.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Modern Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Designers Mark English Architects, AIA

Orange, the accent color in this room, draws the eye when the sun is down. But I imagine with those big windows and incredible view that once again nature’s vistas take center stage in this living room when the sun is up. Note how the carpet, the table, and the other furniture all enhance the rooms oval shape.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Industrial Living Room

Here is a brilliant bit of using unusual elements. Those big windows are glass garage doors, that can be raised to grant access to the balcony and literally open up the room.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Contemporary Living Room by Mclean Architects & Designers Randall Mars Architects

Here is another implementation of the glass garage door as a window/removeable wall. This time, the living room opens up right to the pool. Minimalist furnishings do not detract from the view.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Modern Living Room by Other Metro Photographers Marco Antunio

While this idea could work for a cozy bedroom, this is in fact a living area for the home. Round windows are a welcome change from square, but building a circular bookcase enhances the effect. Natural woods and fabrics are contrasted with more modern straight lines and a very colorful palate.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Asian Living Room by New York Carpet & Flooring Tufenkian Artisan Carpets

This Asian styled living room has a wonderful view of the city on one wall, but plenty of style inside to attract the eye.

13 Incredible Living Rooms
Mediterranean Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Designers Charlie Barnett Associates

Finally, this exotic living room exudes foreign influences – at least to an American. All of the detail, from the style of the furniture frames to the detailing on the tables transports you to a far away place, right in your own home.

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