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13 Best Printer for Cricut in 2020

Posted on the 28 July 2020 by Palmgear @PalmgearBlog

I know you never thought of changing your printer. But what to do if that's what is limiting your creativity?

Thinking of having a better printing tech? Then probably you're one of those who know how to make it to the right place at the right time.

Ever thought of pushing your cricutting projects to a better level? If you have, then your next best printer for cricut is probably waiting to be shipped at your home. But how will you get there? This is what I'm here for.

Today I'll be sharing with you all the ins and out of 13 finest printers for cricut. So, your next cricutting project can be your next best creation. Let's get started then.

13 Best Printer For Cricut

Doesn't it feel frustrating as Crafter when you're thinking of pushing your skill, your creativity to a better level but can't? I would've if I were in your place. But what if you get the right printing tech on your hand to make that happen?

I've got some great suggestions for you.

1. Canon PIXMA iX6820

In the segment of printing tech, nothing is more important than efficiency and perfection. Canon has reached there once again with the PIXMA TR4520. I think you're going to agree with me once you check it out.

To keep the output level at a decent stage, this printer comes with a 100-sheet paper tray. Along with that, the manual-duplexing (ADF) can keep 20 letter-size sheets to make it useful as you need.

When it comes to connectivity, it surely deserves the applause of appreciation. Because to ensure perfect compatibility, this time it uses the USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi.

So, when you want it wireless, you can tag it with the router. But if you need something out of your phone, then you can use the Apple AirPrint or Mopria Print Service as well.

To make sure you can use this printer with ease, it comes with easy configuration and navigation that keeps it all simple. All you need to do is just push some button, and it'll be ready to go.

When it's about the printing rate, TR4520 has 8.8 ppm on B/W pages. As for color pages, the speed rate goes to 5 PPM. So, if you want a printer just for yourself, it's nothing less than an ideal one.

Printers from Canon often don't prove themselves disappointing when it comes to printing photos. So you can bet that the PIXMA TR4520 won't fail on that either. You'll get to know that once you see its perfectly colorful and vibrant photos.

Print any borderless photo within a size from 4" X 6" to 8.5 "X11" with this printer is easy as switching on your TV. Have I forgotten to tell you about its multi-functional part? Yes, you can do anything with this TR4520 like scanning, printing, or copying. So, like any of the efficient office printers, it can do it all.

Canon has always tried to make sure that they give you techs that you'll regret not buying in the first place. Now they've added something new to that list, and it's nothing but the Canon PIXMA TS6220.

The first thing that pushed it into my printer for cricut review is its dual paper source. It's something you often won't see in most of the regular printers. It has a total sheet capacity of 200. 100 is on the front tray, and the next 100 is on the rear one.

One more thing that'll simply impress you is the control panel. To grab full marks on the convenience part, Canon gave it a 3" color LCD touchscreen. Now, you can make the printer do anything you want, just with a touch of your fingertips.

With the 6 buttons along with the touch screen, it'll allow you to go for several options. That includes - 1. Power, 2. Home, 3. Back, 4. Black (copy), 5. Color (copy) and 6. Cancel. Canon doesn't know how will you prefer it. So, they gave it both Bluetooth and USB. Now pick as you like.

Impressively, it has the feature to give you flawless printouts and documents in borderless patterns. Moreover, the size shouldn't be a problem for you either as it can print up to the size of 8.5" X 11".

To give it an exceptional edge, Canon has introduced the Document Removal Reminder. It will remind you to take back the scanned copy that you've forgotten by the way. The scanner has an amazing optical resolution of 1200x2400 dpi. So, expect anything but low quality scanned docs on it.

How can you possibly believe that when you're thinking of having the best printer for cricut and Epson won't be on the suggestion list? To fill that slot up, Epson has come up with the WF-7710.

As you're going to need printouts with a bigger size for your cricutting projects, Epson has pushed the size limit of this printer up to 13 x 19". So, it doesn't matter if you're looking for any humongous sized borderless printout with Print-shop quality. It'll be on your hand before you know it.

Epson made this printing tech so power-efficient that it uses 80% less power in comparison to color laser printers. So, it's not only going to be efficient but also economical at the same time.

The one thing you'll find more impressive while comparing this bad boy to other printers is the sheet tray capacity. Its sheet tray can hold up 250 sheets at a time. So, if you're worried about running out of paper, then save it for somewhere else. But don't forget the output tray as its capacity is also perfect with 125 sheets.

For being the perfect office printer, its function list includes printing, copying, fax, and scanning. To cut down your cost to 50%, it has the auto 2-sided printing features. Along with that, the 35-page Auto Document Feeder makes it a complete package.

Don't worry about operational convenience either. With the intuitive 4.3" color touchscreen, doing things you want with it as easy as pie. Doesn't matter if you need your printouts from the phone; its wireless networking won't let you down there as well.

Is passion all about pushing your creativity higher on your cricutting projects? Then your choice of printer is what will work as a key element there. So, to make it all easier for you, HP has brought the ENVY 5055.

The first reason for me to put it on my printer for cricut review is its superior multi-functional feature. It is also an ideal one for your office uses. You can scan, copy, and print on it with extreme ease. To make it compatible than ever, HP has given this printer both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity features.

With the auto-duplex printing, you can have your printout on both sides of the paper, which ultimately will cost you 50% less on printing. On the question of resolution, it is still ahead to the typical HP printers. It has a resolution level of 1200 x 1200 for monochrome, and for color, it's 4800 x 1200 dpi.

What you'll love about this one as your office printer is, even if your color ink cartridge runs out, it still can print with the black one. So, when you just need a normal print out, you won't have to refill all the tanks for that.

Its 2.2" touch screen display will allow you to have all the required access to all the scanning, printing and copying functions. To make your large print jobs more convenient, it has a standard memory of 258 MB.

Besides, the ENVY 5055 gives you complete freedom to print anything within a ratio between 4" X 6" to 8.5" X 14". Now the last thing you need to be worried about is the size of your printouts.

11. Epson Ecotank ET-2720

Keeping the ease level at a peak is something Epson has always ensured on their printing techs. They've brought no change on that for Ecotank ET-2720 as well. But that's not the only thing that made me keep it on my printer for cricut review. There's more to it.

This multi-functional printer is capable of rendering the perfect performance level for any home office. With the USB and Wi-Fi connectivity options, you can run it just the way you like it. For printing without a PC, Epson has included features like Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print 2.0, Mopria Print Service in it as well.

Epson has maintained a standard sheet capacity of 100 paper sheets on this printer. So, unless you have to print for the whole building, this capacity will do just fine. Impressively, it can print up to 8.5" X 14". So, if you're thinking of some humongous artifact, then I don't think you'll have a problem in printing for that.

Epson thought of keeping it as simple as they can. That's probably why they've given it a control panel with 1.44" color display that you can navigate easily with a set of arrow keys. These keys include OK, Home, Copy, Help, Back, and Cancel. So, even a kid can use this piece without facing any hazard.

The copying speed of this printer is nothing but perfect for a single user. With the 720 X 720 dpi, you can have 7.7 PPM speed on B/W docs. For colored it'll be 3.8. But what will make you choose this tech piece is the printing resolution.

Unlike the regular printers, it can push the resolution level Up to 5760 x 1440 dpi for both mono and color docs. The printing speed changes with it as well. It jumps to 10 PPM (B/W) and 5 PPM (color).

How to Choose the Best Printer for Cricut?

A good result is a consequence of good choices. So, when perfection in the result is what you seek, then you can never compromise on choices. Like any other aspects, that goes for finding out the best printer for cricut as well.

So, to have a good printer for cricut process, there're certain aspects that will make it easier to recognize which one will serve you the best. Have a look at them below, mate.


Let me be clear about something with you first. Connectivity of a certain pattern just doesn't matter if you're comfortable with all. But it's true that if the printer has both wireless and ethernet connectivity, you'll find it more advantageous. It'll ultimately ensure you more accessibility and ease at printing.

Moreover, you can print any of your docs or photos from your phones if it has wireless connectivity. It'll keep it less hassling for you as you won't have to transfer files to a PC for printing them out.

Types of Paper

If you're a crafter, then you already know that sticking to a single type of paper is never going to let you push your creativity to a higher level. Depending on the project, you may have to go for a variety of papers. So, make sure the printer you're bringing in can deal with all the types.

These types include bold/writing Paper, text paper, card stock or cover paper, and tag paper. Among these, tag paper is the heaviest one; so, if you have any wish to make them useful, grab a printer that can keep up perfectly.

Multiple Trays

Though it's nothing mandatory, it will make things much easier for you. The fact is, in one tray, you can put one type of paper at a time. But if the printer has two trays, you can use one for regular papers and another one for photo print out. Moreover, it'll push your machine's photo loading capacity.

Color Output

Having a tremendous color output level is nothing but a must for a printer for critcutting. Crafts are all about creativity and beautiful outlook. So, having a superb color output is probably on the list of top 5 important features of a printer.

Ink Costs

Just the quality of printing is not enough to make a printer a good one. You need to be concerned about how much pressure it actually is putting in your pocket as well. Yes, I'm talking about the ink cost part. If the one you're grabbing sucks up most of the inks in a shorter time, then it's definitely not what you should pick up.

Ease of Operation

No matter how efficient a tech piece is, it'll be nothing but a source of irritation if it comes with a complex process. So, try to pick one that is simple or easy to use and doesn't take much of your time to execute your command. By the way, that "ease" part includes the setup as well.

Device Compatibility

To make things a little smoother, these days, printers have impressive device compatibility. So, if you're looking for a printer for cricut, choosing one with wider compatibility will get you certain advantages.

Not all the time you'll have enough time to sit on your PC and print things out. At that point, if your printer can pair with your mobile devices, it is simpler for you.

Printing Speed

In this game, slow and steady can't win the race. So, you better grab one that can get you the perfect printout for your cricutting within the shortest amount of time. Having a printer with faster printing speed has two major advantages.

One, it takes less of your effort, and two, the overall time required time will go down to a lower level.


Resolution is on the list of 'Must-Have' while you're looking for a printer for cricutting. To have a sharper image with required detailing, the resolution is the key feature that does it all. So, make sure that you've to cross-check that part of a printer.

But if you're thinking of using the printer as a multi-functional one, then check out if it has a higher optical resolution as well or not. Otherwise, the scanned copies will make you feel like you've made a mistake by getting that printer.


Never underestimate the importance of auto-feeder in printers. What auto feeders do is once you stack the papers, it'll pick them up on its own. But make sure that the paper tray size is right as you want it to be.

Along with that, the tray's capacity matters as well. It's because, as there'll be a variety of papers on the basis of both type and size. So, you surely won't want to the feeder to damage the papers just because the paper is thicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum printout size should a printer has for a crafter?

The printout size varies on the basis of the requirement of the project. As there's no certainty on that, choosing a printer that can print up to the size of 8" X 11" is better a choice. But if you feel that you need something bigger than that, then there're printers that can print up to 13" X 19".

2. Why wired connectivity is the more preferred one among printers?

I don't know many people actually are left on earth who love wired connectivity more than the wireless one. But the truth is that wired connectivity is more stable than the wireless one. After all, no one wants a disconnected printer in the middle of the printing.

3. Is multi-functional printer less efficient as a printer for cricut?

The truth is a printer being completely useful depends on its similarity of functions according to your expectation. So, it doesn't matter if the printer is multi-functional or not, it still can perform up to the mark if it has all features you need.

4. Why having ADF is essential in a printer?

The answer is simple. You need the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) because you might not always have the time to feed the paper manually. After all, in cricutting projects, the last thing you want to waste is time.

5. How fast should a printer be for cricutting projects?

It all depends on you and your project's needs. You'll get to see the printer that has a printing speed up to 29 PPM, and there'll be some with 6-7 PPM. So, it's up to you that which one you consider as an ideal one.

Final Words

I believe the limitation on your creativity makes you feel suffocated. Because if it wouldn't have, then probably you wouldn't have come here either. Today, I hope this review of mine has made you understand what kind of printer is you should settle with.

Now it shouldn't be a problem for you anymore to grab your best printer for cricut. Wishing you good luck on your way to some tremendous creation.

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