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13 and Gay? My Daughters Story

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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Me & Mum


I am Nakita and I am The Real Supermum’s thirteen year old daughter, I asked my mom if I could write a blog post for her about telling your parents that you’re gay at a young age.

I’m a lesbian and I am proud of who I am. It was very frightening to tell my parents that I was gay as it had been on my mind for a long time. My behavior became really bad as I was so confused; my anger was really bad so I would take it out on mom and Matt and sometimes the kids. I have kissed 2 of my friends but they were NOT gay, that’s when I thought to myself “I kissed a girl and I liked it”.

I did not feel normal; a few months later I fell in love with one of my teachers. I tried not to show it I never had feelings like this with anyone, I never told mom about this. She did have an idea as I wrote who I loved on a piece of paper and she found it.

13 and gay – How Do You Tell Your Parents You’re Gay?

I felt horrible, it was so scary  and I was REALLY confused I would ask mom questions, like if I was gay how would you feel and would you hate me the answer would be no. One night I decided this is who I am so I wanted to tell mom and I did. She was stood making a cup of tea and I told her. She just looked at me and said “Yes I Know”. She hugged me and told me that she had known for a while.

Then she told Matt and my grandma, they were fine then Casey and Cam came in asking me if I was a lesbian. They are my younger brother and sister and I was scared how they would take it. But everyone has been great about it.

My Mum and Matt said we were not going to tell them at first until I had told my dad and that night I did, well I didn’t mom did, he was fine until he started asking my questions,  I didn’t like it but now I’m carrying on with my life being a 13 year old single gay girl.

I’m a very happy young teenager with a good amount of friends and I like to have a good laugh. I love to go out and mess around with my best friend Danni, we go everywhere together she is 2 years older than me but we have known each other for a LONG time.

My hobbies are:

  • Drawing
  • Football
  • Singing
  • Playing P3S games
  • Tennis
  • Running
  • Dancing
  • Reading

And eating chocolate.

I live with my mom and step dad and my 2 sisters & 3 brothers; it’s amazing, I’m so happy. I do have sleeping problems but I’m getting there.  I used to live with my dad until things went wrong then I moved back in with mom on the Wednesday 25th April and I’m very happy here.  I know I broke my mum’s heart when I went to live with my dad but it was my fault not mu mums. I was only away 7 weeks.

Being the oldest kid in the house is ok, it’s fun I love my brother and sisters to bits I do like to spend a lot of time on my own in my room watch telly and be on Facebook & twitter but when I’m not in my room or outside with mates I’m playing games with the baby 3.

Casey and I enjoy reading or looking for cool interesting things on the laptop. Cam and I enjoy playing tennis. Life has not been easy for me over the last year but it has been really worth it.

As you can see being gay and telling my parents has not been all that bad.

Me and mom are also being featured in The Sun’s newspaper Sunday magazine, we will be talking about this more in detail so be sure to buy it.

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