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12 MUST Buy Baby and Mom Care Products (at Huge Discounts) from Amazon Diwali Sale!

By Sangeetha

Yeay!!! Diwali is here and so are some great discounts. It also means a great way to shop and save on essential products. Apart from buying dresses and stuff for your home, you can also buy essentials for your kiddo now as you are sure to get some great discounts.

12 MUST Buy Baby and Mom Care Products (at Huge Discounts) from Amazon Diwali Sale!

Helping you do that is Amazon India Diwali Sale that offers great discounts on your favorite products.

Given below are 12 baby and mom care products that are high on savings and utility.

Grab them at lowest prices!

#1. Mee Mee Wet wipes (Pack of 3 with 80 sheets per pack)

Mee Mee wet wipes are enriched with aloe vera extracts that are perfect for your baby's gentle skin. It is also alcohol free. So now whatever the mess, you can make sure you are prepared with these wipes.

#2. Pampers Active Baby Large Diapers ( 78 Pieces)

All night absorbency, with the nourishment of aloe vera makes this one an ideal buy. It also has soft stretch waist and sides and a soft cotton like feel that prevents nappy rashes.

Ideal for babies of 9 -14 kgs.

#3. Pampers Active Baby Medium Diapers ( 90 Pieces)

Apart from all night absorbency, it also has soft stretch waist and sides and a soft cotton like feel that prevents nappy rashes. It also has the goodness of Aloe vera. Ideal for 6-11 kgs.

#4. Pampers Active Baby Small Diapers ( 46 Pieces)

Armed with the goodness of aloe vera, soft stretch waist and sides and a soft cottony feel, pampers will ensure your little one can enjoy a good night's sleep without being bothered by wet nappies. Ideal for 3-8 kgs.

#5. Bio Kid Easy change Nappies (5 Pieces pack)

If you are mom who follows green living then these nappies will definitely become your favorite. These nappies are made from pure cotton and doesn't cause any allergies or rashes in your little one. They can be washed easily and also come in attractive prints.

Ideal for 0-6 months.

#6. Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion (400 ml)

Winter is almost here and to protect your baby's skin from all the dryness. Buy Himalaya herbals baby lotion with olive oil that is enriched with Vitamin E. It also has anti-microbial qualities that keeps your baby's skin healthy.

#7. Chicco Moments Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo (500 ml)

This product takes care of both the hair and skin of your little one. It can be used from newborn stage onwards. This hypoallergenic product contains oats extracts that nourishes your baby's skin and hair. It is paraben, alcohol, SLS and SLES free and is gentle on your little one's body.

#8. Mee Mee Disposable Breast Pads (24 pieces)

Soft inner lining with super absorbent core keeps you dry. The ultra-thin design is discreet, so you can wear all your favorite clothes without any worries.

#9. Farlin Breast Pad (Washable)

This one is for the green mom. This product boast of excellent ventilation and is super absorbent. It is comfortable as it is really soft too. All these benefits and the added advantage that it is washable makes it perfect for the environment conscious moms.

#10. Pigeon Milk Powder Container

This is a very handy thing to have if you are travelling. You can measure your formula and store it in this and all you have to do is mix when your little one is hungry. It is light weight and easy to carry.

#11. Nuby Milk Powder Dispenser

This powder dispenser is a must have for travel. You can carry pre measured formula in this spill proof and compact container that caters for 3 feeds. A must buy if you want your feeding sessions during travels to be hassle free.

#12. Nuby Milk Storage Bottle

This one is a must have for working moms and moms who travel a lot with their little ones. It is BPA free and made of break resistant plastic. It can also be connected to the SoftFlex Breast Pump and Natural touch nipple making it versatile. It has four storage bases and lids and has markings in both ounces and ml.

PS: All the discounted prices are as per the publishing time of this post. The price might fluctuate during the sale.

The offer ends today on the Diwali sale! Happy shopping!

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