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11/19: Quopic of the Day

Posted on the 20 November 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

11/19: Quopic of the DayToday’s Quopic of the Day was hard to beat after reading the final chapter of Deborah’s Eric & Sookie story, “Piece of Glass”!

We wanted to post something that showed how great Eric and Sookie are as a couple! Hope you agree – this Quopic was one of the best conversations between Eric and Sookie on True Blood!

Are you ready?

Here’s the Quopic of the Day for November 19th!

11/19: Quopic of the Day


You may remember this scene from Season 2, when Eric saved Sookie from the FOtS! Mind you, Eric did it at Godric’s request. Or, maybe he only made it appear to be that way in front of Sookie? Hmmm…

Sookie seemed surprised that Eric was helping her. This was one of the first scenes where you could see her interest in Eric begin to grow. Eric was still at the point where he wasn’t ready to share with Sookie – yet, so he wasn’t as forthcoming as we would’ve liked to have seen. But the next line proved that he was a man who had a plan. (Which is one of his most attractive character traits.)

What line came next?

“Trust me…”

Sure enough, Eric took care of those humans by pretending to be one!

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