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By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Happy Valentine's Day, loves :)
This day last year was the day that Adam & I got back together and recommitted our relationship to Jesus, so needless to say it holds a special place in my heart.
In honor of that, I'm skipping a product spotlight and sharing "our story" with you guys instead!
Aimee over at Aspire to Inspire featured this post last week on her blog, so my plan was to have Adam give his version of our story to post here today. Well...he tried, but he just couldn't do it. He said that he could write me anything in the form of a poem or a song but not in a blog post...haha! Oh well, it's the thought that counts right?
So if you've already read this over at Aimee's blog, check back tomorrow!
(or you can read it again...I won't mind ;))
I'm going to be posting pictures of what we did to celebrate Valentine's Day :)
And possibly include pictures of my RED pants...oh yes they came in the mail today.

This could get a little lengthy...we're going on 6 years of being together. So grab a glass of wine (or 2) and get to reading ;) And don't say I didn't warn you...
It all started in 2005. We met in French class (aww) when I was a sophomore and Adam was a junior. He wasn't originally in my class, but got switched into my class to be with a girl that he was sorta dating at the time. Oops. Anyway, we started talking a lot during class and I noticed how big his heart was and how much he loved Jesus but managed to do so without being a little church mouse/Bible thumper boy. I'd been going to church my whole life, but never knew what it meant to have a genuine relationship with Christ.
I was in an emotionally abusive relationship when I met Adam, and he was so easy to talk to about things. Adam would help me through issues with my old boyfriend and finally told me that I deserved better and that women shouldn't be treated like that. I always thought that I was being treated how any woman was supposed to be treated. I finally got the courage to break up with the other guy. And obviously, my feelings for Adam had grown into more than just the feelings of a friendship.


Us about 6 years ago


Beach trip with my family in 2007

I told him how I felt over summer vacation, and he told me that he just saw me as a friend. I was crushed, and being the little spiteful girl that I was (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about haha!), I stopped talking to him. The summer was drawing to a close and we hadn't talked much. But one night I got a text from Adam asking me what period I had French 2 for the coming school year. Turns out we had class together, again. He then proceeded to tell me how much he missed talking to me (DUH ;)). We went back to school and it was like nothing had ever happened. I started hanging out with his group of friends, going to to church with him, and then we finally went on our first date to....Starbucks. Crazy, I know ;) He wasn't allowed to be alone with girls, so that was pretty much all we could do haha!


Adam's biggest passion is playing drums for the worship band that he's in.

We quickly became best friends. But we didn't spend a lot of time alone - but we hung out in groups a lot. Our relationship is still like that to this day - it's just easier to be accountable that way. We got together November 10, 2006. I'll spare you the cutesy details of how things were for the next couple of years. We were in that childlike, blissful, everything is perfect phase. You know...he held my hand and my books while walking me to classes, saved me a seat at the lunch table, we hung out in the parking lot after school...high school love at its finest ;)


Good Friday 2011

And then the unthinkable happened. Adam's parents told him that they were getting a divorce. He was so torn up. His dad is his best friend, so to see his dad hurt, made him hurt. And for me to see Adam hurt, killed me. Adam is the oldest child of 5, so he stepped up and was helping take care of the kids during this time. He's never been one to worry about himself. As if that wasn't enough, our church and youth group completely fell apart, and we didn't know what to do.
By this time we were out of high school and gotten into the party scene. Our relationship went places that it shouldn't have, both physically and emotionally. The tension was at an all time high, and neither of us were living out our relationship with God. We went from having a wonderful Christ centered relationship, to a typical worldy relationship. It ate us alive. 
After about a year and a half of this, I broke up with Adam. I wanted to "explore" and not be "tied down." The friends I was hanging out with at the time made me think that I was too young to be in a serious relationship. And what did I do...yep...I listened. STUPID. 


Halloween 2010

I tried to tell myself that was what I wanted- to party and do whatever I pleased. I was miserable. But I didn't know what to do. During this time, Adam was on his way back to living for God and was re-establishing his relationship with Christ. We got back together about a month later, but it didn't last very long, because I was still bitter toward God. Adam was striving to pursue God, while I was still chasing after the things of the world. Adam broke up with me, because I was not the woman of Christ that he needed.


At a Bucs game in 2011

I was devastated. It was a huge wake up call that made me realize not only did I lose my boyfriend, but my best friend. I had also lost my true friendships, because I had let myself get so far away from God and wrapped up in the things of this world. In January 2011 I recommitted my life to Christ. I stripped myself of the trash that I had surrounded myself with the past few years and gave myself, mind and body, back to Jesus. Adam & I got back together February 14, 2011. 

Needless to say, the past 6 years have been full of ups & downs for us. But I can say without a doubt in my heart that the ups outweigh the downs by far. I sit here thanking God (and crying like a little baby) that we have been through all of that and have still managed to be best friends through it all. Adam's had such a hard family life, but through it all he's still the strongest, most passionate, selfless person that I know. We recommitted our relationship to Christ and have been pure for over a year now. It's not easy, but it's worth it. We have a great group of friends that holds us accountable. 
When I let my crazy type A personality get the best of me, he reminds me to slow down and appreciate the moment that I'm in. He reminds me to put others before myself.  We're total opposites but we compliment each other perfectly :)
I'm blessed to say that Adam is my boyfriend, my best friend, my rock. I support him in every dream that he has, as does he support me. If he jumps, I jump. And vice versa.
I'm finishing college in May, so hopefully we'll be getting engaged soon ;) (hint, hint if you don't get enough of those!) He won't tell me anything except to trust him and that he has a plan. Don't worry, the minute he pops the question, I'll let you guys know ;)
Our story isn't perfect, but it's perfect for us. God has us right where he wants us and I'm pleased to say that He is the one writing our love story.


Us biking a few weeks ago :)

Through all of this we've learned together and grown together. I now know that I can't seek perfect love from Adam, but the only place that I can find that is in Christ. This makes loving each other a whole lot better :)

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