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11 Things About Me

By Misssarahlouise
11 Things about Me
01. I'm a nearly fully qualified Spa Therapist. People are often surprised when I tell them this, but Spa therapy is my passion and there is nothing else in the world I would want to do with my career.
02. I'm a natural ginger. As I entered my teens I hated my hair, like alot of fellow ginger girls/boys probably did, because with high school, came all of the name calling, teasing and constant digs about my hair. However now I wouldn't change my hair color for the world and I am so thankful my mother stopped me from changing the color a few years back. I love how low maintenance my hair is and how people are always complimenting the color.
03. I have really long arms. Well at least I think I do. I am 5''7 but my arms go down to just below my hips, they always look incredibly long in pictures, that might just be because I have pathetic little matchstick arms. But I shouldn't complain, they come in very handy when massaging.
04. I am obsessed with writing lists for everything, and I mean everything. If I don't have a list for something I feel like my world is coming to an end. But I guess thats not a bad thing - I always know what I need to do, despite the fact people think I'm crazy for literally writing lists for lists.
05. I'm a country girl, I hate big cities and crowded places. I have grown up in the beautiful North Wales countryside. With miles and miles of rolling fields and hills to explore, it has lead to me hating crowded places and busy cities. Doing something in a busy crowded environment causes me so much stress and I would much rather be alone or with a few friends, walking through a field in the middle of nowhere.
06. It is my dream to travel the world. In recent years I have realised there is so much more to life, and so much more to see than what's here in the UK. Don't get me wrong there are some stunning places in this country, but I feel that without traveling the world, my life would be wasted.
07. I laugh at anything, literally anything. Except for serious matters or things that would be inappropriate to laugh at. But if I don't know what to say, I laugh. If I don't even find something funny but the person intended it to be, I still laugh. I laugh at small things that some people probably don't even notice, but I guess that means I'm happy, right?
08. I have a huge, huge, huge fear of cows. I have never had a bad experience with them, but they are just so huge and intimidating. It is so bad that if I am walking on my own somewhere and spot a field of cows, I will try my very best to avoid walking past there, even though there is probably a road and a fence separating me and the cows.
09. I have only ever had 1 pet. That was an adorable white rabbit called Mickey. But one day he bit me then scratched me and after that event I wouldn't go near him - me and animals have never got on. Sadly he got ill and passed away after just 3 years of us having him.
10. I have a huge obsession with fairy lights, if it was up to me I would cover my bedroom in them. They are just so pretty and make nights in much cuter. They are also surprisingly cheap to buy and add such an adorable touch to any bedroom.
11. I love watching programmes about houses and weddings. Wether it be DIY, looking for places in the sun, or my all time favorite Don't Tell the Bride. I just can't get enough of these kinds of programmes as it makes me so exited to get my own home, get married, etc. - but don't worry that's all a looong way away yet!
So there we go, 11 random things about me. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and if you have a post similar to this on your blog - leave the link in a comment, I would love to have a read!
11 Things about Me

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