11 Business Ideas Start With Low Investment Get High Profit

Posted on the 11 October 2019 by Trivanksvinks

Individuals look forward to beginning their own business and there is nothing wrong about it also. Making your own business is always a superior decision when working for another person since you are your own boss and you can do anything you desire with your business to influence it to grow and earn as much as you need it to work hard for it. There are individuals who are continually searching for business ideas with low investment and high benefits.
So in this article,

We are providing you a list of 11 business ideas with low investment and high profits.

1) Cooking class: In the event that you are an extraordinary cook, at that point you can begin your own cooking classes since this is a profitable business as there are many individuals who are searching for cooking classes as the greater part of us don’t have the idea how to cook. so this is the low-cost business ideas with high profits that you can consider.’

2) Medical sample collection business: there are many agencies and hospitals who are searching for the people that can collect samples from their patient. You can start this type of business and provide this service in exchange of money. This is a unique and great business idea in 2019.

3) Career counselor: it is a small business idea 2019 that you can consider if you have good knowledge and perfect at a consultancy with students. If you are good at these things then you can become a career counselor and provide your valuable advises in exchange for money.

4) Diet food café: nowadays individuals are becoming more and more conscious regarding their health and searching for healthy alternatives of food as well. You can begin your own diet food café which can be one of the best business ideas with low investment.

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5) Manufacturing of toys: It is one of the low investment high-profit business ideas where you don’t require a lot of investment and earn huge profits. If you have some kind of interest in toys then you can start your business of manufacturing toys with low investment in starting and further you can expand it in the future also here can find more 27 Manufacturing Business Ideas.

6) Laundry business: it is a smart business idea with low investment which do not require much investment and profit is good as well. You just need to have a survey most likely and if you think you are comfortable and good to go then you can start this business as well.

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7) Drinking water business: it is a popular and business ideas with low investment where you can supply drinking water in different restaurants, events, hotels and many more places. You just need to have good connections with different people and you can grow and earn high profits with low investment.

8) Mobile repair business: as we know mobile repairing cost is very high in service centers and everyone faces some kind of problem in their mobile at some point of time. So starting a mobile repair business is a small business ideas that do not require a lot of investment and this will make you earn good amount of money.

9) Freelance writing: it is a great option that require no investment but the condition is you should be good in writing. So If you are good at writing then you may opt this business and you will be paid for it.

10) Marriage bureau: this is another low investment business idea where you are required to collect data and information of girls as well as boys who are searching for right person in their lives.

11) Recruitment services: This is a kind of business where you have to gather data and information of individuals who are looking for the jobs. At that point further you can refer the students or candidates which are suitable to the organizations which are requiring and you can earn some commission.


So this is a list of some small business ideas 2019 which you all can consider while starting up your businesses with low investment and these ideas will enable you to earn huge profits. Hope this article helps you in starting up your business.

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