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10.31.11 Something Spooky and Adorable

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

Happy Halloween.

I must confess that I don’t really like Halloween.  As a kid it was great, lots of wonderfully iconic 80′s costumes (one year I was Shera, as in Masters of the Universe, complete with unicorn), more candy than you could eat in a year and plenty of exciting crafts and school parties to attend.  But as an adult it just doesn’t have quite the same charm.  The parties are usually kinda lame, and women’s costumes pretty much only come in slutty_________.

But enough Halloween bah humbug from me, I know most of you enjoy it so I’m appealing to the masses today with something for everyone.  Whether you prefer your holiday ghoulish or cute, I got you covered.

What would you do if you woke up to this?

10.31.11 Something Spooky and Adorable

Source: flickr.com via jspin on Pinterest

10.31.11 Something Spooky and Adorable

Source: google.com via Sue on Pinterest


I found these on Pinterest – if you haven’t been there go now. Seriously, you’ll love it. And follow me while you’re there!

Have an enjoyably spooky (or adorable) day.

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