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10 Ways to Fail at Project Management (Don’t Try It at Work!)

Posted on the 17 January 2013 by Litcom

IT Management 150x150 10 Ways to fail at Project Management (Dont try it at work!)


Stakeholders, consultants and project managers have all made up their personal opinion about the ultimate causes of failure of IT projects. Here are some good ways to make sure a project will not take off! (In no particular order):


  1. Ignore the environment (in particular stakeholders)

  2. Introduce a new technology in a market too quickly

  3. Don’t worry about establishing fall back options

  4. Don’t nurture new ideas

  5. Don’t bother organizing feasibility studies

  6. Never admit project is a failure

  7. Over manage project managers and their team

  8. Don’t worry about conducting post-failure reviews

  9. Don’t bother to understand project trade-offs

  10. Make sure that a project is run by a weak and inexperienced leader

SOURCE: Pinto, Jeffrey K.; Kharbanda, Om P.: How to fail in project management - without really trying; in: Business Horizons, Vol. 39 (1996), No. 4, pp. 45-53.

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