10 Tips to Choose Right Microsoft Partner for Your Project

Posted on the 15 October 2018 by Samwillam

some of the important tips to choose the right Microsoft Partner for your project requirements.

You might have received a project, which could not be accomplished by the internal resources of your Australian organization. Therefore, you might have been forced to seek the help of the external Microsoft gold partners in Australia to implement your project. With thousands of such experts available, choosing the best partner in the country is really a challenging as well as an intimidating task. However, you have no need to worry if you read this article. Here, you can find the easiest and the simplest ways of finding a reliable and skilled partner to make your project implement and complete successfully.

1. Prepare a list of Microsoft partners and shrink it

Narrow down your list containing the Gold Partners. It is also the easiest as well as the quickest way to choose one that will best fit your project implementation needs. Choose the best self-esteeming Microsoft partner from the list who will ensure that he or she considers your project seriously.

2. Decide the type of Microsoft partner

Decide whether you need a Dynamics NAV partner or a generalist partner. This is because choosing the category of the competent partner will allow you to choose and will make you to understand the partner background if you run a specialized or a gamut company. You will be greatly benefitted according to your project implementation goals.

3. Decide a partner that offers the services in your area

Search for Microsoft partners that offer their services to your place. Although this is not compulsory, by doing so, you can get their support at any time you need. Moreover, you can meet them in person and can discuss your project thus saving much of your time.

4. Ensure you are comfortable with the techniques and processes exploited by the partner

This means that you have to check whether the service delivery of the Microsoft partner is according to your expectations. You are supposed to ensure that whether the professional is offering you the status report of the project frequently. Usually, a dynamics NAV partner will offer the status report two weeks once.

5. Look for a Microsoft partner that offers the quotes at free of cost

You have to choose a partner who can offer you a spreadsheet with the listed needs and price estimates at free of cost. The professional should dedicate enough time to listen to your needs, your document necessities, as well as in offering a comprehensive price estimate. This will allow you to plan your project with your partner easily and effectively according to your project implementation needs and budget.

6. Check the customer testimonials of the partner and ensure they are constructive

Any professional and reputable Microsoft partner will have a bounty of optimistic testimonial from his or her customers with whom the associate might have been worked with. Most of these partners will have good testimonials from the range of technology customers, corporate customers, and partners. If you could not see or get, better opt for another Microsoft partner with the optimistic testimonials.

7. Verify the customs fit of the partner

While choosing an external Microsoft partner for your project, you have to understand the thing that drives the professional you are plying, which is nothing but the values. This is because values are the things that make knowledgeable decisions, which will aid you greatly when you are facing troubles while executing your project.
8. Know the price model of the partner

The price model will usually vary from partner to partner, so know the cost model of your Microsoft partner. Some may charge their customers with the fixed pricing, materials and time pricing, or with the one, which combines both.

9. Check the experience and the expertise of the partner

This means that you have to check that how many years the Microsoft partner has been in the industry and what his or her areas of expertise are. You can achieve this by visiting the official website of the partner or you can ask the professional directly to explain his/her experience and expertise. This will allow you to choose the right Microsoft gold partners in Australia for your right project.

10. You can make use of LinkedIn to choose your right Microsoft partner

LinkedIn, which is an effective interaction platform, is not only an immense resource to find your dynamics NAV partner but also to discover reliable partners. Explore your LinkedIn network for associates and friends that could direct you to a trusted Microsoft Dynamics Partner.


The tips that are mentioned above are the easiest and the most effective ones to choose a Microsoft partner you want. You can decide any of the tips that will best fit your project implementation needs. This means that you will have to decide which tip is vital to you, measuring each area together with any other deliberations.

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