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10 Things You Need to Know Before Having a Baby

By Shwetashetye

10 things you need to know before having a baby

So, you have been married for a year or so. Every now and then when the aunts in the neighbourhood meet you, they have kind of a question mark on their face. Some are even forthright and ask you if you have any good news? And as the years go by this becomes a common question. In the Indian context, we are even pressurized to have a baby, like the point of getting married is just to have a baby. That is why I wanted to share these 10 things that you need to know before having a baby.

But, you are a tough clear headed girl who doesn’t give in to the pressure tactics by anyone. And one day one of your friends gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and your heart just melts, the maternal hormones are on the rise and you feel that you need to have your own baby, right now! If you have already bought the scented candles and thrown your birth protection out of the window, wait. Before you make one of the biggest decisions of your life, may be you need to think a little. Parenting and having a baby is not as easy as it looks, or not hard as some people think it to be. I always felt there were so many things I didn’t know before becoming a parent. Here’s a list of ten things every couple needs to know before becoming a parent:

Making a baby can take some time

If you are thinking that you sex without protection will result in positive reading on your pregnancy test kit, you might well be in for a surprise. Agreed, there are women who are as fertile as a 16 year old on a prom night, but that’s not the case with everyone. So, be ready, you will have to try continuously for months, and sometimes for a year also. Always, remember not to take stress about the whole thing, as getting stressed can further delay the process.

First few months can be extremely challenging

A few days after your get the tiny little cute bundle of joy home, you actually realize what you have gotten yourself into. These tiny creatures wake up anytime in the night for a feeding or a diaper change! Worst is some babies don’t sleep at all! Less or no sleep during the night is usually very hard on the parents and this erratic sleep schedule can go on for months.

Sleep deprivation can get to you

This is a classic one. So, everybody tells you that babies start getting into some sort of sleep routine after they are four months old. But, that day never comes. They wake up in the middle of the night till they are much older for different reasons-sometimes they are sick, sometimes they are scared, sometimes they are just missing you…and the list goes on and your sleep goes away.

Breastfeeding is not as easy as it looks

Are you thinking that breastfeeding is such a natural process; it should come to you so naturally? Actually, it’s not so easy. You will learn to understand the technique of breastfeeding and it will take you and your baby a few days to do it properly.

Having a baby can be surprisingly expensive

General things that every baby needs like diapers, clothes, baby cosmetics, and furniture are just one part of the expense you need to think about. If you are going to be working full time, getting a sitter or a day care can be more expensive than you think. And how expensive schools and extracurricular activities have become! Let’s not even get not even get into that.

Your child’s not reaching developmental milestones

Fret not, every child does things with their own pace, and every child is different. Some kids talk early, walk late or vice versa. Just wait and watch, and give them opportunities to learn new things. Once, they grow up you will be the one thinking how fast they grew up.

Get your camera ready

By camera we mean, your and your partner’s smartphone camera, the SLR and the camcorder! Yes, you can never have enough pictures or videos of your tiny tot. They look so cute and do new things every day, how can you not capture these precious moments!

You will have to loads of packing before heading anywhere

Why? Because they are babies. They need baby food, and milk, they are masters at spilling things on their clothes. And oh! The car seat tantrums! No wonder you are late everywhere.

Working from home will get tougher

When your kids cannot walk and are just feeding and sleeping, then it’s easy to work. But once they start getting around, they start getting themselves into trouble. No amount of baby proofing is going to make it safe, you will have to monitor them all the time. Getting a help is one of the most important things to do. Trust me; it will make your life a hell lot easier.

You will change in many ways than one

By change, I mean positive changes. Your infinite and selfless love towards your baby will give you the motivation to become a better person every day. You will become more responsible, spend money wisely, and take better care of your health so that you are always there for your cutie pie. Your relation with your partner will change; your bond will become deeper.

So, think about these points, and then go for it. Parenting can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. The things mentioned above will pass in no time; becoming a parent will give you infinite happiness!

As a new parent, what have been your experiences? Share them with us!

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