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10 Strikes a Game

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Here is a quick tip/goal for catchers …

Challenge yourself to get your pitcher 10 more strikes a game.


Be fanatical about getting more strikes for your pitcher!

To accomplish this, catchers need to be good in the following areas:

  • Keeping movements behind the plate to a minimum.
  • Beat the ball to its location so you can catch with the glove moving inward.
  • Have strong hands on the catch to not allow the ball to knock your mitt outside the zone after catching it.
  • Have good relations with the umpire behind you.

Hitters know very well that there is a huge difference between a 1-2 count and a 2-1 count.  The same for an 0-1 and a 1-0 count.  Moral: Every pitch has meaning and a catcher who can get his pitcher 10 more strikes a game is going to get him into more pitchers’ counts.

Do that and you’ll be worth your weight in gold.

Tomorrow’s post: Pitchers – Are you a head-snap guy or a glove guy?

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