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10 Simple Steps to Build Business Through LinkedIn Groups

Posted on the 11 October 2011 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

LinkedIn is Social Media with an MBA – it’s a place to show off your credentials and build a network of potential employers, clients and employees.  Best of all, you are what you post, so if you can sell yourself, you’ll be sold on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn networking allows you to build up a page and post updates similar to a Facebook Status or a Tweet, LinkedIn Groups allow you to skip the long slow build up of network buddies and dive straight in and start making contacts.  Becoming a brand name in a LinkedIn group (referred to as an Influencer) is simple – especially if you’re someone with useful skills and a love of chatting! How to do it…. Set up your profile properly, add considered information, add links to your other social media and to your website.  Optimise it for your keywords and add your colleagues and friends.  Get started with a professional appearance. Find your tribe.  Search through the LinkedIn Groups to find some where potential clients, network buddies or other useful contacts are hanging out. Read.  Don’t just jump in and start talking, get to understand the social culture of the group.  Visit the group regularly and keep an eye on who is talking and what they’re saying.  Two groups with similar names and demographics could have completely different “cultures” so hang back and eavesdrop for a while. Check out the influencers in the groups.  What are they posting about.  How do you feel about their opinions?  If you totally disagree you’re either going to be a big hit or a big miss in the group.  If everyone loves them, be careful entering the china shop with your horns on! Wait for the right moment.  Don’t just talk for the sake of getting your name out there – wait until there is a topic about which you can offer a considered, interesting and influential opinion – then go for it!  Attracting thanks and likes and comments also attracts potential clients to look at your profile.  It brands you as informed, capable and professional and it helps you to close the sale before you speak to the client – bear all that in mind while you type! Be professional.  Facebook might forgive a few public tantrums or some awful spelling and grammar but LinkedIn is for business people, so behave yourself! Don’t spam.  Don’t start topics about how your new product is great.  Instead, put that information in your profile and on your website and then allow others to check out your links. If someone has a problem you can fix (ie a business lead) be helpful, help them fix the problem by answering their questions, being informative, giving them useful references – not ramming your sales pitch down their throats. Form real contacts.  Add them to your network, invite them to check out your other Social Media and your website.  Keep an eye out for opportunities for them, recommend them, link to them – become their...

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