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10 Rules of Success in Instagram – Business and Earnings

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Instagram is a popular platform for business promotion, where you can actively present your products or services, communicate with customers and attract them. To achieve an effective business account on Instagram, it's not enough just to post photos and like everyone. You need to blog wisely: know and apply the rules of successful Instagram.

Today we are going to share the secrets of success on Instagram that will help you make yourself known, please your users and get ahead of the competition.

Top 10 secrets for effective business on Instagram

Design your account properly.

Make your name and username the same as your brand name. It is necessary that already on these words it was clear what you do. Obviously, this is a key point so that you can be found through searches, but not everyone takes this into account. Before you connect your business profile, you need to think about where to get views, followers or likes. has everything for an Instagram account at a low price.

Put a bright, clear avatar that makes it clear at a glance what the account is about.

The profile description should be interesting and informative. Use of emoticons will be a plus.

Include contacts for quick communication with you.

10 rules of success in Instagram – business and earnings

Regularity of publications and alternation of different types of content - the basis of competent maintenance of the page in Instagram. By thinking things through in advance, you'll be able to pique your audience's interest before promotions, discounts or events, and also - you'll always be in the public eye.

Peak traffic on Instagram occurs between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. This is a general statistic. There are special services that will help you determine what time your followers are active.

But there are also surface rules for success in Instagram. It is better not to publish video during working hours, because many users will not be able to watch it because of office restrictions, and then with a high probability they will forget to return to it, even if they were going to.

The trick came from Instagram, so in this social network hashtags are a must have.

With their help, customers can find your publications. The more hashtags, the wider your reach, but don't get carried away. Five to eight will be enough.

You can use trending hashtags, you can come up with your own, and it is best to combine different ones. The main thing is to do it to the point.

Any user can click on the place you are interested in and see the publications made exactly there. Take advantage of it! Mark the appropriate places and get additional traffic to your account.

    Select photos with passion.

Instagram lives for images. Look for interesting angles, use filters, be creative. If you can't choose the best photo in a series or if you want to tell a story with a photo, you can use a new tool - carousels. It allows you to share up to 10 photos or videos in one post. There are other ways to make your audience more active. You can buy followers on Instagram, for example, by following the link A very effective way for not much money.

If you've had a promotional post bought from you, approach its creation with a dose of creativity.

For example, if you've had a psychologist advertise, suggest that your subscribers ask him a question and get an express answer from a professional. If you want to advertise an inexpensive product, arrange with the advertiser to draw this item among the commenters on the post. You can do the same for your own products or services. In other words, treat your subscribers with a concern for their interests.

10 rules of success in Instagram – business and earnings

Post discounts and promo codes in your account. This is a good reason for a subscriber to stay with you and feel special.

Hold photo contests, offer to repost with specially invented hashtags.

Respond to comments, do it quickly. This is important for audience retention and converting readers into customers. When a brand interacts with commenters, the latter get a sense of their own importance. It's always nice to be noticed and spoken to.

Mention subscribers in your publications with an @. But do it appropriately.

Tag your friends in photos. These publications can be seen by friends of tagged users, and you'll get more reach.

Create focus groups and test the product before the official launch.

Allow subscribers to make themselves known through you. Starbucks, one of the most successful brands on Instagram, posts a photo of one of its followers with a picture of the brand's product every few weeks with a link to the source. Isn't that cool?

Use only white advertising methods. By chasing bots into your account, you'll only reduce your audience's response. You won't have as many subscribers, but you'll know they're real.

    Share your Instagram posts on other social networks.

The secrets of success may be easier and more obvious than you thought. By the way, don't forget to optimize your reposts for other social networks: add a comment, tell a story.

Now you know how to succeed on Instagram. All that's left is to start doing it!

Advertising and promotion

Targeted advertising has migrated from Facebook's big brother to Instagram. Now you can choose the audience among which your publications will be distributed. Such targeting advertising in instagram takes into account many factors: gender, age, interests, place of residence.

However, you should not abuse advertising from the first minute. First, create content that you would like to trust. Keep a blog. Publish the stories behind a product, but don't advertise it. Engage with the public, prospective customers, check out the pages of people you are interested in and write comments. Before you can do business on Instagram, you need to build a reputation and credibility.

Maintenance tips

Once you've created and launched your store, you'll have the toughest task of growing, keeping your viewers interested, and expanding.

The following tips will be a great way to grow your Instagram business:

  • Share exclusives. Don't forget, there are a lot of online stores. Offer favorable terms of support: write about promotions, discounts and contests that take place only on Instagram.
  • Interact with your subscribers. There's nothing worse than not getting answers to questions. Communicate in comments, read posts in Direct, give likes to people you like, this is how you attract attention to your Instagram for business as well.
  • Nothing draws people in like anticipation. Create an air of mystery around your new product, give out information in parts.
  • Give gifts and recognize the most enthusiastic contributors. Any likes and comments add to your subscribers. Thank your customers for their support. Run a raffle or promotion. Not sure what to come up with? Instagram promotion from Artjoker will come to the rescue.
  • Use common and unique hashtags. Thus, you can separate the headings in your plan - so it will be easier for people to find something on your page - or make your business Instagram profile "branded".

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