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10 Ridiculous Photoshop Fails

By Nrjperera @nrjperera

Adobe’s Photoshop is a very powerful tool that can be used to things like enhancing, repairing damaged photos and so much more with only a touch of a button. However, mastering this software is not that easy. Amateur users always ends up creating the most hilarious photoshopped images due to their lack of experience. Regular Internet users are well aware of those “Photoshop Fails.”

Seeing an amateur fail at photoshop is actually forgivable. But, the most ridiculous part is how popular magazines, advertisers and many other professionals fails at Photoshop.  Following images are some of those photos I’ve found to be ridiculously hilarious Photoshop Fails. Take a look.

This is a great work of art done by Chinese government, showing three giants without legs staring at a homeless man. Via-Sploid

This Vogue model without an elbow. Via-BuzzFeed

This was used by a popular news agency in South Korea on n actual news coverage. Via-FailNation

Guess who bought a new car. Via-Nster

She’s either the real-life elastigirl or had a very bad neck surgery. Via-BuzzFeed

You got a six pack? Pfft.. I ‘ve got a 10-pack. Via-Nster

Official poster for Spiderman 2. Noticed anything weird? How about that extremely long hand of Kirsten Dunst wrapping around spidey. Via-FunnyOrDie

Poor girl with three-eyes. Used by a Swedish news publisher. Via-Complex

This poster of recently released “The Heat” movie. Via-Zap2It

An official Fanta advert. WTF happened to her arm? Via-Complex

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