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10 Reasons to Go Organic Today: My Story About Going 100% Organic

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

Our food habits have come a long way from our parents', more than we may even be aware of. We may still make our traditional family favorites, but haven't there been times when you find that no matter how much you follow the recipe to the letter, it still doesn't get that exact taste of your Grandma's dish? The difference isn't because of your cooking skills; it's more likely to be in the ingredients you use. Our grandparents and parents had access to farm fresh grains, fruit and vegetables, while most of what we get today is contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals.

When I became a Mom, I started paying more attention to where we were sourcing our ingredients from, and that is when I came across the organic revolution, then in its nascent stage in India. I admit I was rather skeptical about the whole thing, and wondered if they were simply selling overpriced food under a different name! However, after sampling organic food products for two months now, I am a convert and I can confidently say that going organic has been the best decision I've taken for the health of my family!

10 Reasons to go Organic Today: My story about going 100% Organic

My Story about Going Organic

My search for organic products started soon after the launch of our baby food store, Little Moppet Foods, in November 2015. I was considering going all out organic with baby food, and with this goal in mind, I began sampling several organic brands in India. That was when my brother in Bangalore suggested Organic Mandya.

10 Reasons to go Organic Today: My story about going 100% Organic

Organic Mandya was founded by Madhuchandan, an young IT professional who chucked his comfortable job in the United States to sow the seeds of an organic farming movement in India. To begin with, he started the Mandya Organic Farmers Cooperative Society with the active participation of a group of 270 farmers, who now cultivate and sell their organic farm products profitably. Today, Organic Mandya's retail outlet on the busy Bengaluru-Mysuru highway sells organic vegetables, cereals and pulses - all fresh from the farm!

10 Reasons to go Organic Today: My story about going 100% Organic

As luck would have it, we had already scheduled a weekend getaway at Coorg, so we dropped by the Organic Mandya store by the Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway. We brought home samples of all the ingredients we needed and spent the entire month of January experimenting and testing out the recipes of our baby food products. We even sent samples to some of our customers who absolutely loved them! And that's when I decided - Little Moppet Foods was going to be 100% Organic! Here are some of the reasons you should go organic too.

10 Reasons to go Organic Today: My story about going 100% Organic

1. Reduce your intake of pesticides - A serving of fruits and vegetables that you buy today is likely to have at least 2-3 different types of chemical residues, even after washing. Organically grown crops are free from such harmful chemicals.

2. Get full nutrition - Food grown through non-organic means have decreased nutritional value, as compared to that grown using bio-active soil and natural fertilizers.

3. Get better tasting food - Food that has been sprayed with pesticides left, right and center lose their individual tastes. Organically grown produce maintain their fresh, wholesome flavors.

10 Reasons to go Organic Today: My story about going 100% Organic

4. Maintain a healthy weight - It has been found that farmers and workers exposed to pesticides are getting obese, all due to their hormones getting messed up. Sticking to organic food keeps the hormones functioning normally.

5. Boost kids' immunity - Exposure to additives at a young age can hamper kids' immunity for life. Young children require the best quality of nutrients to ensure good health throughout life.

6. Stay safe from illnesses - Non-organic foods have been associated with an increased risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes and cancer, particularly breast cancer. Going organic can reduce the risk for such serious illnesses.

10 Reasons to go Organic Today: My story about going 100% Organic

7. Maintain soil and water quality - All the pesticides sprayed on crops percolate down into the ground, affecting soil and water quality in the long run. Supporting organic farming will ensure that our water stays clean for future generations.

8. Promote kind treatment of animals - To boost production and sales, animal farmers often ill-treat animals, by force-feeding them or injecting them with hormones and antibiotics. Free range meat, milk and eggs are from animals treated kindly, fed good food and allowed to roam freely.

9. Support local farmers - Supporting corporations in the food industry only fills their pockets while endangering our health. Supporting local organic farmers ensures that their livelihood is not affected and that our health is preserved.

10 Reasons to go Organic Today: My story about going 100% Organic

10. Support the environment - Buying and growing organic is beneficial for the environment as it helps to preserve the ecosystem. It helps to ensure the bio diversity of food crops, as well as maintains soil and water hygiene.

Can I give my Baby organic foods?

10 Reasons to go Organic Today: My story about going 100% Organic

You most certainly can! Young babies bodies' are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of pesticides and chemical additives, which is why organic food is strongly recommended for babies. When young children eat organic foods, they get the full nutrient benefit of those foods and they also get to enjoy their wholesome flavors. Kids who eat organic also have a lower tendency to overeat and gain weight. In a nutshell, eating organic sets your kids on the right path - a lifetime of healthy eating habits and food choices.

Going organic is one of the best gifts you can give your children - after all, what can beat a healthy mind and body? Besides buying organic products, I am all set to start a small organic garden in my balcony as well, so that I can ensure a continuous supply of healthy, wholesome food for my family. So the next time you're about to feed your baby something, do take a moment to think about where that food is coming from, and we're sure you'll make the right choice!

Reasons Organic Today: Story About Going 100%

Lots of Love,

10 Reasons to go Organic Today: My story about going 100% Organic


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