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10 Reasons to Choose Goa for Your Dental Treatment

By Allyson3james

Like all other medical specialties, the area of Dentistry to is improved rapidly. One of the advancements in the advent of Dental Implants, which are replacement tooth roots. These implants give a very sturdy base of foundation for the fixed or removable replacement tooth or teeth, that are created to match the natural tooth or teeth. Unlike previous times, there are many types of Dental Implants that are available:

  • Endosteal Implants
  • Root Form Implants
  • Plate Form Implants
  • Transosseous Implants
  • Subperiosteal Implants

The success rate of Dental Implants is as high as 98 percent and with appropriate care, these implants can be really long-lasting. The main advantages of today’s Dental Implants are the durability. Other advantages include:

  • An enhanced appearance
  • Helps the patients to eat easily
  • Better speech
  • The implants are very comfortable and fit easily so the patients do not feel the presence of a foreign object in their mouth
  • These implants ensure the better oral health
  • These implants do not require the nearby tooth or teeth to be altered or disturbed
  • The patients are saved from the hassle of removing and fitting these implants again and again, which is the major problem with Dentures

Dental Treatments in Goa

There are many hospitals and Dental treatment centers in Goa, which provide the most advanced Dental Treatments in Goa. Owing to the outstanding facilities available here, these hospitals are witnessing a continuous rise in the footfalls from different corners of the globe.

Some of the best Dental Hospitals in Goa, are:

  • Expressions Dental Clinic
  • Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic
  • Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre
  • International Dental Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Beyond Smiles Dental Care
  • Platinum Dental Clinic
  • Goa Dental College and Hospital
  • Smile Factory
  • Visage Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
  • The Goa Dental Studio

These and numerous other Dental treatment venues are there that have every type of Dental Implants available. Furthermore, the Dental surgeons in Goa are considered to be some of the best in this field. These Dental experts have been practicing for several years and are highly proficient in the matter of Dental Implants. There are many complex Dental conditions that these experts have dealt with during their career. These Dental specialists are very well acquainted with most advanced Dental treatment and surgical techniques and very capably diagnose and choose the correct mode of treatment.

10 reasons to choose Goa for your Dental Treatment

Some of these experts are:

  • Sandeep Vaz
  • Anil Da’Silva
  • Ajay K. Aras
  • Dipti D. Dhume
  • Atula Usgaonkar
  • Parag Prabhu Desai

Just the availability of the treatment is not enough; it has to be affordable too. In this matter, India does not burden the patients at all; especially, Dental Treatments in Goa is found extremely sensibly-priced. For example, the best Dental Hospitals in Goa have priced the Root Form Implant at only $550, while the same costs $7,000 in the USA, and $5,500 in the UK. Also, the Transosseous Implants priced only $500 in India, while $6,500 in the USA and $5,000 in the UK.

A very attractive reason why Goa can be the best is that the city is the top tourist destination in India. The presence of gorgeous beaches, amazing food and much more, are enough reasons why the patients can club their medical tour with a vacation.

Another reason that has made India such a coveted treatment venue, is the presence of a highly developed Medical Tourism planner like Indian Health Guru Consultants, who are continually boosting India’s popularity as a Healthcare Tourism hub. Any treatment or surgery in India, our sole aim is to ensure that the medical tourists can avail the outstanding healthcare services in India. More specifically, for the international patients who are coming here for Dental Treatments in Goa. We not only guarantee their treatment at the best Dental Hospitals in Goa but also at affordable prices. Also, we can help the patients in planning their vacation as well.

The last reason but definitely not the least in India’s reputation as the leader in the Medical Tourism industry. Over the years, India has attained a very desirable position for the medical tourists owing to the presence of the flawless and patient-friendly attributes in the field of healthcare. By offering the finest standards of medical care, India has surely bridged the gap between herself and many other countries.

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