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10 Reasons to Be Jealous of Single Girls

Posted on the 24 January 2013 by Shanlakes
10 reasons to be jealous of single girls {Pic c/o olsenanonymous.blogspot.ca} 1. They get to sleep diagonally every night. Wait scratch that, they get to sprawl out on their bed and sleep wherever, whenever they want. They get to wake up as many times as they want in the middle of the night to pee, and not worry about the person next to them getting annoyed.
2. They only have to shave on Friday and Saturday nights (and even then it's just as a precaution).
3. They don't need to have a passcode lock on their phone. If their ex boyfriend drunk dials them at 3 in the morning, they can answer. Why? Because nobody cares. 
4. Shower time is very productive. Hair is shampooed and conditioned, legs are shaved, body is washed, songs are sung...
5. They can dress super slutty on halloween (who am I kidding, we all do this one...)
10 reasons to be jealous of single girls {Pic c/o www.gotceleb.com} 6. They still get to experience butterflies with the first hand hold, first kiss, first kiss on the forehead, and be extremely nervous and excited for the first.....
7. They get to judge everyone in relationships. And have the guilty, unspoken satisfaction of knowing that a fair amount of them realistically will not work out. Some of the "happiest people" will be broken hearted a year from now.
8. Regardless of what the songs say...sometimes, it really is better to feel nothing at all than to hurt.
9.  They get to accept free drinks from strangers, and accept creepy yet somewhat flattering forms of reassurance from guys they've never met, whenever and however they need it.
10. They are out there, everyday doing an accumulation of things that are eventually going to lead them to the one they are going to spend the rest of their life with. Every heartbreak, rejection, bad date, one night stand, awkward bar conversation, lonely night, etc. is one step closer to their happily ever after.

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