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10 Longest Animal Lifespan In The Absence Of Human Interference

By Gerard @presurfer
10 Longest Animal Lifespan In The Absence Of Human Interferenceimage credit
We as human beings are accustomed to being the most important species on this Earth. In spite of our self consciousness, there are animal species out there able to outlive us and even more to exist better and longer in our absence. Have you ever asked yourself how long your pet is going to live, or if your kids will have the chance to see the Blue Macaw you loved so much at the zoo? If so, you most likely wondered about how long the animals of the world live.
Some species are far more capable to cheat death than we are while some are truly an example of longevity. The main point is that if life is allowed to go on without us interfering in it, the animal world may surprise us with its longevity.The Presurfer

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