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10 Funny, Interesting, and Weird Facts About Your Underwear

Posted on the 31 October 2014 by Imorfy

il_fullxfull.415174894_s63b10 Funny, Interesting, and Weird Facts About Your Underwear
We men love ladies’ underwear – particularly when they are wearing them, or when we get to remove them from you. Knowing how to take them off is pretty much the extent of most men’s knowledge of women’s underwear. To save our lives, we probably couldn’t tell you the difference between a thong and a G-string, or between boy shorts and cheekies. All we know is that they’re great to look at.
For all the dudes out there wanting to know more – and for the ladies who just find the topic interesting – here are some weird, funny, random, interesting, and OMG! facts about underwear:

1.   Underwear let us know how high-maintenance you are

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, PsyD., says that women wearing white cotton panties are usually easier to deal with.
10 Funny, Interesting, and Weird Facts About Your Underwear
 In an interview in Modern Man, Dr. Baumgartner- author of the book You Are What You Wear and clinical researcher – explained that women that prefer simple white cotton undies tend to be lower-maintenance, no-frill types. The simplicity of their underwear show that they’re comfortable with themselves, and they can feel sexy without labeling their bottom with bold statements like “This Way to FunTown” or “Sexy Gurl”.

2.   Underwear make a lot of people a lot of money

It’s estimated that over $30 billion is spent on underwear each year!
It’s expected that the market for knit underwear and nightwear (the fancy name that encompasses everything we men know as “lingerie” or “something a little more comfortable”) will exceed $70 billion per year by 2015. That’s a whole lot of underwear – most of which will end up being paid for from our credit cards!

3.    Everyone has their own unique underwear choice

Out of 125,000 women surveyed:
37% of women prefer Bikini Briefs
23% of women prefer Briefs
19% of women prefer Thongs
17% of women prefer Boyshorts
4% of women prefer other styles

4.   Underwear can be used to make tea

Well, not really, but there is a type of tea called “pantyhose milk tea”.


It is a tea found in Hong Kong, and it’s actually surprisingly popular there! Made from a mixture of black tea leaves, it gets its name from the cloth through which the tea is strained – it sort of resembles pantyhose, thus it’s names of “pantyhose milk tea” or “silk stocking milk tea”. 

5.   Underwear are often designed by men

The first thong was actually invented by a man – former NYC Mayor Fiorello La Guardia.


 It seemed the mayor was offended because the nudie dancers in NYC were showing too much skin, so he had the thong created to cover them up for the World Fair of 1939. Since then, the G-string/thong – and thereby the whale tail that women and men both love to hate – have remained a pretty standard part of women’s outfits. 

6.   Women own a LOT of underwear

A 2012 study showed that women in the UK own an average of 34 pairs of “knickers”, while American women own about 21 pairs each.


If you compare that to the average man’s underwear drawer, that’s like 5 pairs of underwear for every one that he owns. Plus, if you look more closely, you’ll probably find that his have more holes than hers do.
Women tend to have a certain number of “everyday” underwear, plus a few extra pairs for those special occasions when she “happens” to take off her dress/pants/skirt. Boy oh boy, do we love those “special” pairs!

7.   Underwear last longer than pets  

A survey conducted in 2008 showed some pretty alarming facts: women own underwear that have been with them longer than their boyfriends/husbands.

Research turned up evidence that 15% of women own underwear that were between five and nine years old. (9% of men own pairs more than 10 years old). I don’t even want to think about the condition of those poor underwear! They definitely deserve to go to a good home, or maybe to a farm upstate where all of the other underwear go when they get old…

8.   Women don’t wear underwear all the time

A USA Today survey found that 1 out of 10 women will avoid wearing underwear to avoid VPL (visible panty lines – for any men that are reading this) and whale tail.


Hah! They say that men are the only ones that go commando – and they usually say it with a sort of “Ugh!” look on their faces – but they’ll skip out on the underwear too if it suits them. If they’re stuffing themselves into an LBD or just want to feel comfortable, 10% of women will just leave the underwear in the drawer!  

9.   Underwear can be as annoying as a clingy boyfriend  

The USA Today survey mentioned above reported that 27% of women claim that their mood is affected if their underwear are uncomfortable or poorly fitted.


You know how men are always “adjusting” things when they’re wearing an uncomfortable pair of skivvies? Well, women can’t really make those adjustments, but they’ll certainly be as grumpy as a man in a pair of tight jocks.
It’s not just the poorly-fitted ones, but it’s the unattractive ones as well. A lot of the women surveyed said that wearing old, worn, or unattractive underwear can make them grumpy. I ‘d say it’s a good reason for women to always be wearing beautiful underthings. Hurrah!

10.The color of your underwear says a lot about who you are

Black = practical, courageous, ambitious, strong
White = emphasizes natural beauty, self-confident, calm, tender
Blue = mystique, pleasant, creative
Yellow = cheerful, loving, adventurous
Green = relaxed, complete, independent
Red = naughty, crazy, full of life

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