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10 Foods That Help Building Muscle

By Kaushlendra Singh @kaushlendra_87
Remember going gym is not the only solution to build muscles. You can shape your muscles effectively by feeding your body with healthy foods. Supplying your body with protein rich foods can build up muscles, because protein is the major source that helps in muscle development. Here is the list of top ten foods which can build muscle fast.  _Omega-3 eggs: Egg is a protein rich food. It contains nine essential amino acids, choline, healthy fats and vitamin D. It is an inexpensive food which can benefit your body a lot. Cholesterol and Lucien that are present in egg supplies gasoline, this is an ideal food to body building.  _Nuts: These are the essential elements for the one who is finding difficulty to put on weight. For example, 30 grams of cashew or almonds contain 170 calories which are the perfect source of protein, fiber and fats. It is the perfect snack item which should be taken every day.  _Carbohydrate or Protein recovery shake: This is the best option for the one who dislike eating fruits and raw veggies. It is advised to drink protein or carbohydrate shake before workouts as this generates energy instantly. Several research shows that this healthy shake can boost muscle storage capacity, improves blood flow to muscles and further it regulates creatine transportation.  _Cottage cheese: This is the best food for your muscles. It consists of casein which is the digesting protein that boosts amino acid levels and helps you stay active and energetic while practicing workouts. Live culture, a bacteria present in cottage cheese will help in the absorption of nutrients.  _Chickpeas: This is the perfect carbohydrate food. Replace your diet and grains with chickpeas. This food contains nearly 45gms of carbs and 12gms of fiber that can give strength to your muscles.  _Lean beef: It is the top most muscle building food. It contains a cocktail protein which contains essential Amino Acids, Vitamin B and Creatine. It is a fat rich source that contains fat called Monosaturated fat, this is good for building a healthy body. Researches and several tests have proved that people who take in red meat will get rid of stress and anxiety.  _Rotisserie chicken: If you’re looking for best food which builds your muscle instantly then try eating Rotisserie chicken. Shop around to find this protein rich high quality food. Select food choices and wide range of recipes according to your taste.  _Lentils: These are known as the secret mass building weapons. It is estimated that one cup of lentils contains 18gms of protein and 40grms of carbohydrates. These are inexpensive foods that help for strong muscles and bones. They can be cooked within 10minutes and can be used as a supplement for brown rice, salads etc. _Salmon: It is the source of high quality proteins and omega-3 fats like DHA and EPA. Omega 3 fat is not just healthy food for body, but also healthy to heart and can improve muscle strengths. If you don’t like meat then try for substitutes like fish oil to gain these benefits.  _Fermented dairy products: Products like Kefir gives strength to your muscles and when compared to the cup of regular milk. A cup of Kefir has 150 calories.     Author’s Bio:      Amy Lawson has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2005. She has worked as a tech and business marketing copy writer on various topics. Before she is into writing, lectured as a professor on vivid business topics. She is currently researching on ESTA

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