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10 Father's Day Gifts For Rock 'N' Roll Dads

By Gerard @presurfer
10 Father's Day Gifts For Rock 'N' Roll Dads
If your pop is of a certain age, his rock-star dreams probably got no farther than his parents' garage. You know why: He regularly stumbles over the lead notes of 'Don't Stop Believin,' turns the snarling main riff of 'Enter Sandman' into a train wreck, and butchers the ringing power chords of 'Jumpin’ Jack Flash.'
Instead of suffering silently through his atonal cacophony, give the old guy an incentive to sharpen his game with these rock 'n' roll gift ideas. They may not make him a rock idol, but he'll look and play more like one.
(thanks Lisa)The Presurfer

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