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10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Posted on the 25 June 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

Think you know everything about True Blood Season 4?

Warning: This post may contain spoilers…

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4 was kind enough to compile a list for us! View their list below…

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Guest Stars: Gary Cole (Office Space, Chuck), Courtney Ford (Dexter) and Scott Foley (Felicity, The Unit) all pop up this season, and if there’s one thing everyone looks forward to on a new season of True Blood, it’s the fresh meat. Cole will play Sookie’s long lost gramps, Ford will play Sheriff Andy’s lawyerin’ sister Portia and Foley will be stopping by Terry’s old army buddy. Look for a few meaningful glances between Portia and Mr. Bill Compton too, btw.

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Witches, Man: It seems like it’s expected that True Blood add a new mythical, mystical creature into the story every year. And while you may not think there’s anything to really hoop and holler over as far as witches are concerned; these witches are Necromancers. And so the fantasy food chain starts to take shape as we finally discover the one group of powerful beings that vampires are actually afraid of. Yes, they may not have the sex appeal of vamps and wolves, but they’ve got the biggest stroke. Because “control over the dead” means “control over vamps.” Look for an interesting spin on the book character Hallow Stonebrook, involving a channeling séance leader named Marnie (played by Harry Potter’s Fiona Shaw). Also, look for Lafayette (now with a mohawk!) and Jesus to get caught up in the witch storyline.

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Eric and Sookie?: While “shippers” (fans of a particular TV coupling) tend to have separate hybrid names based on whichever two characters they want to hook up, shippers of Sookie and Eric don’t have a clever name. They’re just called the majority of True Blood fans! Well Rookies (I just named you!), this summer’s for you. After Eric learns that there might be a coven of ‘Mancers in town, he heads off to deal with them – getting his mind wiped in the process. Which leads to a softer, kinder Eric. Which could lead to…I’m sorry. It’s as if millions of voices suddenly squeeeed and were suddenly silenced.

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Jessica. That is All.: Look, she’s freakin’ hot. And while she may seem underused, she’s still on this show and that’s certainly something. But people who might have been rooting for Jessica and Hoyt to live a “happily ever after” type of life might have to stick to their fanfic because a rocky road lies ahead for these two lovebirds. A bumpy, brutal path that involves fights, protesters, wandering eyes and mind control.

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

A Brand New Tara: True Blood tried to go the sympathy route last year with their “up until Tommy” most-annoying character, Tara. Unfortunately, the tragic death of Tara’s love Eggs was followed up with an icky Season 3 arc of psycho brutalization that only served to turn her into a beacon of misery. Well, now comes Tara 2.0. A reboot. We’ll meet up with a surprisingly strong, happy and productive Tara, but not in Bon Temps.

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Spin City: After King Russell de-spinalized a news anchor on live TV, both humans and vampires s*** their britches. Humans because they were like “we’re all gonna die now!” and vamps because they realized that the big co-existence movement just took a big hit. This season we’ll see a lot more of Nan Flanagan (with actress Jessica Tuck being promoted to series regular) and delve back, flashback-style, into the roots of her big PR movement and the decision to “come out of the coffin.”

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Samoholics Anonymous: When we meet up with Sam again, he’s found a small group of kindred spirits who share his troubles and anger issues. By secretly meeting together, they’re able to help each other deal with the sadness, strife and overall insanity that is “life in Bon Temps, Louisiana.” Why is this so important? Because Janina Gavankar is smokin’ hot and she plays one of the group. Seriously. Smokin’. Hot.

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Methbillies: Yup, we’re headed back to Hot Shot – the Bon Temps-adjacent third-world nation of toothless Thunderdome refugees who also all happen to be werepanthers. And even though Jason was left “in charge” of these filthy kids, he’s taken a liking to them. But big trouble is waiting for him when weird-faced Crystal returns with disturbing designs for a new family. So, indeed, changes just might be in store for ol’ Jase.

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Bill’s New Bag: With Bill pretty much becoming a non-character in the Charlane Harris novels after book three, there was a ton of stuff they could have done with a post-Sookie William Compton on the series. What we’ll find out is actually pretty damn great, as Bill has a new role in the vampire ranks and works more closely with Nan. And how is Bill doing without his darlin’ “Sookeh?” Well unlike most of the mopey vampire leading men out there it will please you to know that Bill still has carnal urges. Lots and lots of carnal urges.

10 Fangbangin’ Facts About Season 4

Sookie in the Middle: And at the center of all this chaos with witches, fairies, vamps and wolves is Sookie. Sookie who has to deal with an amnesiac Eric, a fairy land in dismay and the return of Debbie Pelt. Yes, Debbie’s back. As is (new series regular Joe Manganiello) Alcide.

REALLY love what they say about Eric & Sookie – yes, we DO make up the majority of True Blood fans, don’t we?

But they’re wrong…we have 2 nicknames for our couple! One is Sooric and the other one is, Erookie! Most refer to the first one though!

Just sayin’…

What do you think? Do they pretty much sum it up? Sound off below!

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