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10 Blogs To Follow : A Tip For Small Business

Posted on the 20 September 2011 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

The marketing landscape for small business owners can be daunting given there is so much to learn from social media, search, mobile, local and more. Unfortunately for small business, too often the response is to simply ignore the opportunities because it just seems too much. But this is a mistake, the opportunities are there and they should not be ignored. If you don’t have the resources to bring in a marketing company then it is best to find some quality blogs and read as much as you can. Here’s ten marketing blogs to follow, all of which I subscribe and read on a regular basis. THE ALL-ROUNDERS The following three blogs cover everything you’ll need to know. For that reason, if you’re only going to read a couple I would stick with these. Mashable: One of the most popular blogs on the web. There is nothing that happens that Mashable won’t cover and if you check this regularly you’re going to be on a steep learning curve. Mashable covers everything from social media, technology, marketing, small business, entertainment and more. Marketing Profs: Subscribe to receive one or more of their email options and have some handy links dropped into your inbox every day. It is tailored to marketing professionals but what a great way to learn as a small business owner. Outspoken Media: The girls at Outspoken Media are fantastic and in particular their regular blogger Lisa Barone has plenty to say on a number of topics and it’s interesting. To wrap up the week she even sends out a Weekend Links post that has plenty of humour, so not all business.   SOCIAL MEDIA These two focus on social media, so if you’re wanting to learn more about social media then subscribe to these guys. Social Media Today: News and opinions coming from a variety of journos and mediated by a panel of the leading social media minds including Brian Solis. Social Media Examiner: I find that these guys focus more on providing tips on how to optimise your social media presence. So it may prove to be even more useful as you can take away some of the tips that they produce. Again, the blog is a product of a number of different authors.   SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING & SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION No doubt there will be a number of readers going straight past the SEM and SEO suggestions below because it is all too often ignored. But I nominate three blogs here because I think there is a lot to be gained from reading the specific content that they distribute. SEO Moz: The guys at SEO Moz are regarded as one of the leaders in the SEO landscape. If you’re not going to bring in a marketing company for help, then read the content and trial their software. Search Engine Land: I receive a great email each day from Search Engine Land that covers the day in search including SEO & SEM, Link Building, Paid Search and...

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