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10 Best Remanufactured Ink Cartridges Review

Posted on the 28 July 2020 by Palmgear @PalmgearBlog

Even if you have survived the 'high-price blow' that your new printer came with, it's not evident that you can duck out from the cartridge's cost. Replacing original canister for a few times would make less sense than buying a new printer altogether.

Switching to the best remanufactured ink cartridges can drag you out of this crisis. Who needs to pay for expensive branded containers when you can get a similar service from recycled products?

If you are on the same page as we are, you just came by at the right place because we are going to review some of the most popular and useful recycled ink cassettes that save your back and buck!

Benefits of Buying Remanufactured Ink

There are literally tons of benefits when you choose a remanufactured ink over an OEM one. Here are some points you may consider for this.


This is one of the main driving forces for the users to choose a recycled ink over a brand-new one. An average recycled one can cost around 50 to 60 percent less than a new and OEM product.

It is because the manufacturers don't actually carry on the remanufacturing process themselves. They depend on third-party manufacturers for this. Due to the low-price charged by these third-party producers, and the reduction in raw material cost, the ultimate price is around half the original.

Similar Quality

You may wonder if something costs half the original one's price, it surely compromises with quality. But the reality is somewhat the opposite. Despite being a cheaper alternative to the original counterparts, the remanufactured ones can actually give a head to head competition to the OEM models.

You can get the same crisp, clear, and sharp output for black and white printouts. Again, for colorful printouts, the vivid bright color can put you in test whether to go for the original ever again!

Easy Availability

Perhaps, this is one of the vital reasons users are fans of such products. You can literally get these anywhere near your home. There are hundreds of websites that are selling online and delivering to home.

The same goes for offline availability. Any general IT store should have one of these brands available with them. Whereas for an original cartridge, you may need to visit the official stores recommended by the printer manufacturer. This may mean hassle to many users.


Now, if you are worried about the environment for more and more carbon footprints, using recycled canisters may be your turn to give it something back. The more products get recycled, the less plastic and carbon are used.

If every other user adopts recycled cassettes, there will be less pressure on the original manufactures to produce more fresh copies with more plastic. That should say enough about how much favor you can do the earth by using a remanufactured product.

10 Best Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

As numerous third-party producers are manufacturing recycled inks, it's a tough job finding the reliable ones from the pool. Yet, we did our extensive research to draw up the list of the most functional ones for you.

So, without further ado, let's hop in!


If you are into some professional feeling when it comes to remanufactured ink canisters, Green Box is probably one of the few companies that you are familiar with. Specifically, if you are interested in the best rated remanufactured ink cartridge, then your quest should end at Green Box.

The reason for Green Box to be topping our list is an impressive consistency and remarkable print-quality of its products. Moreover, the 63XL cartridge set is just the right model that represents their excellence.

This one is an ideal suit for HP printers. For a range of HP printer models, this one is going to be a perfect fit. Be it the DeskJet or Officejet, or even Envy series, this one can fit right in regardless of the model.

The box comes with two different cartridges - one black and another one is a tri-color one. Together, these inks produce excellent outputs that can almost be hard to tell from the OEM counterparts.

Green Box has taken serious care of the leaking issues for its signature products. That's why the 63XL is efficiently leak-proof. And this one is also tested strictly to make sure no leakage occurs.

The patented ink formula they use makes it one of the best in the market. Whether you are printing pictures that need to express vivid colors or texts with crystal clear darkness, this one has got your back.

It can persistently print about 480 pages per canisters for black color and 330 pages for colorful documents. This yield is almost equal to any brand new cartridge you find on the market!

Being introduced in the market in 2019, you can tell it that Ejet has not been a veteran producer in this field. But it does come with a promise to be one of the best remanufactured ink cartridges today.

Again, by the reviews that the users have given it, and its commitment to quality, it's evident that this canister brand is here to stay. If you are looking for a generic, dedicated cartridge for your HP printer, here's your betting horse!

With crisp results with black and white printing and exhibition of vivid color in image printouts, Ejet comprehensively made its way to our top 10 list. It comes with an upgraded chip that allows it to be used with a range of HP Deskjet, OfficEjet, and Envy models.

The package includes two different cassettes. One dedicated black container and another tri-color ink. Together, these can easily replace HP 63XL-original cartridge pretty conveniently.

From a well-functioning canister, a high-yield is all you want, right? Well, the Ejet magazine will fill your cup of tea. Because of its upgraded chip and top-notch remanufacturing process, it yields well beyond your expectation.

If you are printing black documents, it may provide you with a yield of 480 pages per cartridge. As for colorful printouts, the number may be around 330 pages max. That sure will do for most common users!

Although these are not genuine branded production, that doesn't mean the production process and the quality is questionable. You can trust Ejet products as the containers are manufactured under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facility.

Lastly, the package comes with an easy-to-understand setup guideline. All you need to do is just peel off a sticker from the chip and place it inside the printer. It will take around one minute, max!

It's hard to ignore the consistent effort that Jarbo puts to combine the best quality remanufactured ink cartridges and reduction of price.

That's what we can see with its 63XL equivalent ink container set. Apart from being one of the easiest products to install, the Jarbo 63XL is just fabulous when it comes to crystal clear printouts.

Packed with a black and a tri-color cartridge, this one is pretty tightly sealed inside. This ensures no breaking or damage is done while the product is being shipped to your doorstep.

If you are wondering about the quality of these recycled canisters, then Jarbo 63XL has got some news to soothe your thirst. The ink they produce is certified by MSDS and also conforms to the ISO qualifications.

The factory standards that they follow while manufacturing their inks conform with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. That should rest your heart a bit about the quality of it.

Every single magazine they produce goes strictly through the testing process. Jarbo claims to test at 100% accuracy to check if the cartridges are providing the optimum quality printouts.

That's the reason you get around 480 pages of printouts with the black container that comes with the pack. The colorful one does play well with 330 pages of yield, as well.

Jarbo adopts the unique sprinkler complex optical technology to make sure that the ink produces smoother and better printout compared to original counterparts.

Above all, this one can fit into nearly any HP printer, whether it's a DeskJet, Officejet, or Envy series.

4. IKONG 950XL 951XL 950951

On number 4 of our remanufactured ink cartridges review, we have the Ikong 950 Xl 951 XL.

In case you own an HP printer, preferably an Officejet one, check if it supports 950 or 951 ink containers. If it does, then you are in luck! Owning the IKONG 950XL 951 XL magazines can change the way you have been looking at cartridges all these years.

With an amazing yield rate coupled with remarkable quality printouts, you are sure to stick to it for the rest of your life.

First of all, this one comes with four different ink canisters. That's enough to tell you about its capacity to turn colorful images to life. Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are the 4 different cartridges you are going to get with the box.

Together, these inks produce some of the best possible output you have ever experienced. That, too, at such a low cost because of its recycled nature.

Again, the output rate of this variant is going to blow your mind surely. Because when you are getting around 2300 pages of printouts using the black color only, it's not going to be any regular day for you, is it?

The colorful printout doesn't lag behind at all! You can get around 1500 pages of output using the three-color canisters, too.

As for the quality IKONG maintains, it is truly praiseworthy. It doesn't have to brag around its maintenance explicitly when you can see the ISO certifications for their products. Ikong managed to get certified by ISO 9001 and 14001 for its top-quality production.

Plus, every product goes under a strict printing test before they are finally ticked for general use and shipped.

Lastly, the new generation chip that is used in this cartridge allows you to see the accurate ink level to keep track and save more!

For those of you who are looking for a cheaper and smarter replacement for HP 61XL cartridges, look no further.

The LxTek has come up with a preferable solution that can meet your printing needs without cutting a lion's part from your pocket. Yes, we are talking about the 61XL alternative from LxTek.

It comes with a dual cartridge system that holds up to two different ink containers: a black one and a tri-color one. The tri-color one can serve equally compared to the original color magazine from the branded products.

Having said that, these two ink sources can support a decent amount of printouts all through their lifetime. For the black one, it is going to be around 480 pages, whereas the tri-color one can yield around 330 pages of printouts.

As for the quality, you can bet on the excellence LxTek comes with. Before being shipped from the factory, the cassettes are checked under strict check-up and follow up. If any of the items don't show necessary compatibility, those products are not shipped at all.

LxTek's dedication to over the top experience is clearly visible in the technology they are using. They have used smart chips in the inkpots to make sure that these work perfectly in line with the related printers.

Again, these chips allow you to keep track and see if the ink is getting drained out or not. The ink level gets clearly visible to you for this reason.

While being recycled, these cartridges are completely filled up to the fullest capacity of these containers. This plays a good role in providing you with a top-class, crisp, and vivid printout.

If you have like the 63XL version from Ejet, the 240XL one would surely impress you too. Being one of the best remanufactured ink cartridges in town, you definitely would want to check it out.

Specifically, if you are a Canon printer user, then this is one of the most suitable cheaper alternatives to your regular, branded containers. However, you may need to check if the model you have with you is compatible with this or not.

Ideally, this one suits Pixma models like Canon PIXMA MG2120 MG2220 MG3120 MG3122 MG3220 MG3222 MG3520 MG3522 MG3600 MG3620 MG4120 MG4220 MX372 MX392 MX432 MX439 MX452 MX459 MX470 MX472 MX479 MX512 TS5120 MX522, and MX532.

The package comes with two different colors - one black and another tri-color one. This combination proves to be a real gem when it comes to faultless printouts. Moreover, the print yield is also quite satisfactory.

With the black ink in use, you can print up to 630 pages at a stretch. On the other hand, using the color cartridge will allow you to print over 550 pages in a row. That's a deal that you can't refuse to grab for sure!

Ensuring quality is something that is a promise Ejet tries to deliver. That promise echoes from their certification from ISO. The processes they adopt while producing the colors are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

This certification doesn't confine itself to the paper works only. The vivid color and crisp dark output are a direct result of it.

It also takes a lot of effort to bring about such a recycled product. Ejet follows a rigorous process of cleaning, restoration, and refilling. This ensures that the recycling is done with proper care and process.

Keeping the 63XL cartridge's legacy, Green Box has successfully come up with the 245XL and 246XL alternatives.

For any Canon user, this is good news. It's a nice and cheap alternative to the expensive original Canon cassettes. If you are not willing to spend that much on ink, yet aiming to retain the quality you get, think about Green Box.

Like most of the Green Box variants, this one also comes with two cartridges. A combination of black and tri-color ink ensures that not a single detail of your image or document goes un-attended.

Every single product Green Box produces goes through special and rigorous checking. This protocol strengthens their products' compatibility to be used in home, office, or small businesses.

A single container will help you print over 400 pages if you are printing black and white only. In case you are printing using the tri-color one, you can expect to use it for at least 300 pages of printouts.

Apart from regular day to day document printing, the ink you get can also facilitate photo printing. You can try it with hard photo printing paper pretty easily.

Although the cartridge is a sensitive part of a printer, proper handling of it means you can easily install it. Just peel off the removable sticker from the head of the pot. Then place it inside the printer.

Before you order one, check if this ink variant supports your Canon printer. You can check for model compatibility on their page for this.

Being a producer of a range of mechanical products, AISEN should be a trusted name in remanufactured ink containers.

Although AISEN has been around very recently, the quality and class it delivers should be enough to give a good completion to celebrated names. No wonder why it made its way to our remanufactured ink cartridges review!

The 245 and 246 variant of cassettes from AISEN should put a great smile on Canon users, for sure. It's cheap, it's vibrant, and it's satisfactorily in par with the OEM counterparts.

But before you own one right away, you need to make sure it suits your model. A great way to find if it does support your model is to check the compatible model list on its page.

Similar to most other models available in the market, this one also yields about 400 pages of black color print out. Again, for color printouts, the number is around 300 pages at a stretch.

Apart from simple document printing, the ink is also capable of printing simple brochures and flyers. You will have a hard time telling it from the original products when it comes to its output.

As for document printing, it produces quite sharp results and lively colors. Compared to some of the prevailing models in the market, the bright color of this one seems promising!

Very few companies focus on customer satisfaction by serving top-quality products. E-Z ink is one of those few brands because of its commitment to quality for a consistent period of time.

The E-Z ink 410XL is one of the flagship products from their production house. It is a master replacement of Epson 410XL cartridges. So, if the printer on your desk says it's an Epson one, wait no more to grab this one!

To support you with all the rainbow colors, the ink system comes with 5 different variants of colors. The combo pack is packed with black, magenta, cyan, photo black, and yellow ink in it.

Moreover, the color portion of this ink system can offer around 500 pages of printouts with consistency. The number can increase up to 650 pages if you are using the photo black and color combination only.

This calculation is based on 5% coverage on A4 papers. That's almost half the cost of a regular OEM cartridge that comes with Epson brand name. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your printing, look no further!

As for the quality, you can rest assured that this can give a tough competition to the OEM alternatives. The bright, vivid color and sharp dark text bear the testimony to that.

Adopting a strict quality-control measurement makes the product a top-quality one. That's why you can expect this one to suit perfectly with your Epson printer, similar to the original one.

10. Valuetoner 950XL 951XL

We cap our remanufactured ink cartridges review with the Valuetoner 950 XL 951 XL. You can tell it from their name that how promising they are in valuing your thirst for quality.

With the top-class manufacturing process in adoption, Valuetoner tries to match its quality with the price. Surely, you get an OEM-level quality at a great nominal price.

To meet your need for pigment, this one comes with a unique combination of 5 different color choices. A couple of black inks, one cyan, a magenta, and a yellow cartridge is packed inside the box.

This combination makes it one of the best alternatives to original color containers as it can seamlessly replicate the necessary details.

Similar to the original ones, this one allows you to print retaining a noteworthy quality with a consistent result. There's a little room for compromising your quality for the price you pay.

Because, when you get an average yield of 2300 pages of printouts for black and white documents, you can't complain much, can you? Moreover, if you are combining it with colorful printouts, the yield rate is around 1500 on A4 papers!

The yield rate itself is a mic-dropping feature that should give Valuetoner cartridge an advantage over other market options.

If you have an HP printer and it supports 950 and 951 inks, you shouldn't think twice before owning a Valuetoner ink.

What Makes a Good Remanufactured Ink Cartridge?

So, you are up for a remanufactured ink magazines, right? But don't just go and grab whatever you find to be the best without strictly scrutinizing the features. To help you out, here are some factors you can consider before adding one to your cart.

Brand Value

As we said earlier, there are hundreds of producers waiting for you to check their products out. But before trying out one, you need to be sure about the brand value these products come up with.

A good brand will be explicit about the production process of their ink and cartridge. The manufacturing process will be somewhat mentioned in their advertisement, and the certification and accreditation will also be there somewhere. You can get a clear idea about the value of the brand by such little yet crucial aspects.


Recycled cartridges are not 'one made for all'. The producers explicitly mention the compatible and supporting models of printers along with the product. So, you must make sure that the printer you use is compatible with the magazine.

The easiest way to find it out is to read the description on the advertising page or the box that it comes with. It should mention a list of supported printer models on it.

Page Yield

The only reason you are using a printer is to get the most printouts possible at a lower cost. One key player in achieving this equilibrium is the page yield. The more page you can print, the better it is for you.

So, to purchase a remanufactured ink, the page yield is a decisive factor, for sure. Make sure the one you choose comes with a high output rate to offset your cost even lower.


It's not that you are spending less on the cartridge at the cost of the quality. This should never be the case. You must find the one that can provide you with the quality that can give a head to head competition to the OEM counterparts.

Check the manufacturer's information to get the overall idea about the quality you are about to get. A producer that conforms to ISO accreditations, strict checking, and testing before shipment should retain the desired quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is recycled ink is poor in quality than the OEM ones?

Ideally, there should not be any difference in quality. This is because the recycled ones are also produced with similar quality and tests under the original manufacturers' guidelines.

Does using a remanufactured cartridge affect printer warranty?

No. Using third-party containers does not affect the warranty of your printer in any way.

What is the shelf life of a recycled ink?

Usually, the cartridges are expected to last from one year to about two years. But all the seals are kept tight and unopened; you can even expect it to last more than that.

Do remanufactured cartridges harm your printer?

Not at all. Recycled inks are produced under the same process as an OEM model. Except for the fact that they are remanufactured, there is no difference in them in essence.

Do recycled inks come with a warranty?

This depends on producers to producers. Some offer a warranty while some don't. It's better to check before you purchase one if there is any warranty offer.

Final Words

Resorting to aftermarket cartridges can be one of the wisest decisions that you ever make. But deciding on the best remanufactured ink cartridges can be tricky as there are hundreds of options to choose from.

We hope that our reviews will help you navigate through the mess and find the best solution suitable for you. Leave us your thought about what you reckon to be the most suitable!

Happy Printing!

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