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10 Amazing Lord of the Rings Tattoos

By Robert Bruce @robertbruce76

One thing is true about Lord of the Rings fans: They really, really love the Lord of the Rings.

So much so that they get tattoos, big tattoos, beautiful tattoos, tattoos even better than the Great Gatsby tattoo in this post.

Jason, one of the editors on my team (not Brandon, the editor who guest-posted yesterday), has dedicated his entire left arm to Lord of the Rings tattoos. It’s impressive.

This is what it looks like.

That’s Barad-dur (Sauron’s tower)at the bottom, with the Lord of the Nazgul further up, followed by some elvish song Frodo sings, or something like that, at the top.

jason lotr

A little farther up is detailed drawing of Grey Havens, the Elvish port that appears at the end of the story.


Jason’s LOTR ink inspired me, and I decided to see what else, both good and bad, we could find in the form of LOTR tattoos on the web. And we all know the web never disappoints with these things.

Here are 9 other pretty impressive LOTR tattoos:

Dude. This is, like, art. Serious art.



That is an entire back, dedicated to The Lord of the Rings, with Gandalf as the star. How long must this have taken? Take that Jason’s left arm!


Source: Flavorwire

Holy crap! Is this one even real? Is this real? Do you think this is real? Can this be real?



This might be the most frightening tattoo I’ve ever seen. An angry Gollum, with Sauron’s eye in the background. How can this person sleep at night with that on their arm?


Source: Rattatattoo

This one’s simple, but I like it. Might be good for someone who isn’t into the over-the-top back tattoos. More elvish here, too.

lotr tat

 Source: Pinterest

This is a really big Gandalf. And there’s a naked woman as his puppet. This might be the first NSFW post ever on 101 Books.

lotr tat2

Source: Trickfist

My Lord, this next one’s a frightening tattoo. Can you imagine seeing this guy on the beach? Hey, there’s Sauron’s eye staring at you while you’re sipping a Margarita and building a sand castle with your four year old.


Source: Pinterest

This one is intense, but it’s pretty good. I would never get the ring tattooed on me, but it’s really well done.


Source: Geeky Fan Boy

All right. That’s not just a tattoo of Arwen. That’s a tattoo of Liv Tyler. That’s creepy.



Seriously, google “Lord of the Rings tattoos” and you’ll spend the rest of the day on the internet. They’re more frequent on the web than Mark Twain quotes.

Do you have a LOTR tattoo? Share it with us! What’s your favorite one above?

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